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Jalang’o what you did was so disrespectful - Nadia Mukami breaks silence

We have our reasons as to why we keep our things to ourselves - Nadia

Jalang'o and Nadia Mukami

Singer Nadia Mukami has finally broken her silence addressing Jalang’o after he announced on radio that she is expectant.

In a five-minute video uploaded on her Instagram, a disappointed Nadia Mukami said that what Jalang’o did was demeaning and disrespectful.

"What you did was low, demeaning, and disrespectful, period. You invited us to your home and I was even sick, I did not want to go but Arrow Bwoy was like it will look bad if we are invited and we don’t show up, so let’s go.

"So, no matter the situation if you have invited me, that means that you trust me enough. I never knew you had kids, so imagine if I went and took a photo with your kids and posted it online? You have never posted them because it’s your private life and space and I respect that,” said Nadia Mukami in part.


The Maombi hit-maker went on to state that people have different reasons as to why they choose to keep certain aspects of their life private.

“You said what you said and you are not sorry about it. Arrow is the least problematic person and that's why I am with him. He is not romantic, that one I know, he has never had scandals or drama so if you see him responding to someone they have touched a live wire that was not supposed to be touched.

"Whatever you did was wrong to be honest, if it was a blogger or fan I would not even care but you invite us to your personal space so that you can open your mouth. Then the next thing is you are trying to justify it and say you are not sorry?” she questioned.

Ms Mukami added that, as a couple, they had been offended by Jalang’o's sentiments.


“Arrow Bwoy doesn’t pick fights but he is offended, I’m also offended and if I ever meet you in person I will tell you my piece of mind one on one.

“We have been through a lot and we have our reasons as to why we keep our things to ourselves. You could have called us first… People have been talking but we don’t care because we know the truth. Arrow lost his Daddy, lost his Safari last year, two people in a year, so what you did was low and cheap,” Nadia said.


Not sorry

On Thursday, January 6, 2022, Jalang’o said that he is not sorry about what he said about Arrow and Nadia Mukami on radio.

“I don’t know if he is mad at me or not, he has already called me a gossiper so even if I were to call him what would I say.

“He likened me to the women in Mombasa who like to talk about other people’s business. I have seen the story on blogs… To Nadia and Arrow Boy... if you think I was out of line then I will say it again… sorry I am not sorry,” the radio presenter said.

Pregnancy Bombshell on radio


On Tuesday, the Lang’ata parliamentary hopeful confirmed that indeed Nadia is pregnant but they are keeping things under wraps.

He mentioned that they (Nadia and Arrow) visited him at his rural home a few days ago and he can confirm that Nadia is expectant.

However, in an indirect jibe, Arrow said that the media personality should learn how to mind his business. He borrowed a tag from Exray's Sipangwingwi song to help him drive the point home.

“2022 wanaume tupunguze mshene bana, biashara haikuhusu achana nayo kabisa, shughulika na Maisha yako,” reads Arrow Bwoy’s coded message.


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