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Joyce Wa Mamaa narrates how she ended up in hospital during her birthday

It was a liquid and it was bitter in the eyes as well as corrosive on the skin - Joyce Wa Mamaa

Kikuyu Benga singer Joyce Wa Mamaa

Kikuyu benga singer Joyce Wa Mamaa has the heavens to thank after her birthday party celebrations turned sour leaving her with minor abrasions that momentarily affected her eyesight.

The celebrations held on September 24 at a city joint saw Wa Mamaa make merry with some of her close friends before they were sprayed with a liquid substance from a bottle.

Nation reported that witnesses at the party saw a woman approach Wa Mamaa and her entourage with the bottled liquid and after sprinkling its contents on them, the 'Wendo Wi Cama' singer and three of her guests were momentarily blinded.

The incident would cause a commotion as Wa Mamaa screamed and insisted on being taken to the hospital immediately.


Speaking days after the event, Wa Mamaa confirmed that she and her friends are okay and the liquid did not have any adverse effects on their eyes and skin.

Wa Mamaa, however, said she was shaken at the time and even fell to the floor because the liquid was bitter and corrosive on the skin.

“It was a liquid and it was bitter in the eyes as well as corrosive on the skin. I think we were panicky, but all is well now and my fans have nothing to fear,” she confirmed.


Her handlers have since stated that it was merely a surprise gone wrong. The liquid was later identified to have been champagne.

Wa Mama is behind songs such as Wendo ni Uriru, No Ngerihiria and her most popular collaborative project Wendo Wi Cama featuring Samidoh, which propelled her to national fame.


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