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Jump accident that forced Kenyan content creator to quit U.S. Army

Prince Kev has become popular with his comedy skits on social media platforms

Comedian and content creator Prince Kev

If you've spent any time on YouTube or social media, chances are you've stumbled upon the entertaining content of Prince Kev.

This online sensation has captured the hearts of many with his unique style and engaging videos.

However, before he became an internet star, Prince Kevin had an entirely different path laid out for him – one that involved serving in the United States Army.

In a recent revelation, Prince Kevin opened up about the series of events that led to his official discharge from the U.S. Army.


It all began after he completed high school in 2017, when he found himself at a crossroads with no specific plans for his future. Feeling young and confused, he decided to take a daring step and joined the U.S. Army.

"When I was done with high school in 2017, I really did not know what I wanted to do, and I was so young and confused. It was a period in my life when I wanted to live dangerously, so I joined the army," Prince Kev candidly shared.

He embarked on the rigorous journey of army training, envisioning a future that would take him either to Korea or into the elite ranks of the paratroopers.


Prince Kev chose the latter, but little did he know that this decision would have life-altering consequences.

During one of the daring jumps from the planes, disaster struck, and he experienced a terrible landing that left him with severe injuries to his back and hip.

Rushed to the hospital, he received medical attention, but despite all efforts, the damage was too extensive to allow him to continue his military career.

"After the terrible landing, they took me to the hospital and tried to take care of my back and hip, but nothing worked. After about a year, the doctor told me the best they could do was give me a medical retirement," he revealed.


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The news of his medical discharge from the army might have been disheartening, but Prince Kev didn't let it break his spirit.

Instead, he found new avenues to explore and eventually discovered his passion for creating content on YouTube.

His charismatic presence and unique style quickly attracted a loyal fanbase, propelling him to online stardom.

Today, Prince Kev enjoys the benefits of retirement despite his young age, as he was honourably discharged from the U.S. Army.


Below is one of his skits :

Though his military journey may have taken an unexpected turn, it led him to a new and exciting chapter of his life, where he continues to bring joy and entertainment to millions through his online content.


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