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WATCH: Kabi WaJesus on his knees, hands on Milly as he sends emotional request

Kabi WaJesus knelt beside his wife, Milly who was fast asleep

Milly Wa Jesus

Content creator Kabi WaJesus has once again left his fans in awe as he showcased his unwavering love and devotion for his wife, Milly Wa Jesus, as she turns 30 years.

The celebratory mood reached new heights as Kabi embarked on a touching gesture that left their followers applauding his heartfelt commitment.

In a heartwarming video shared on Kabi and Milly's Instagram account on August 10, Kabi took his wife's birthday celebration to a new level.


The video captured a tender moment where Kabi knelt beside the peacefully sleeping Milly on the couch.

Full of emotions, Kabi gently placed his hand on Milly's head, leading to a special prayer that resonated with his deep love and faith.

The video quickly became a focal point for their fans, who marveled at the profound display of love and spirituality.


Kabi's prayer was both a blessing and a wish for his beloved wife.

"I worship you Jehovah God, for yet another year for my love God. I thank God because I know in this new decade you're going to do something new for her," he shared.

"I pray that things that were hard in the previous decade be hard no more, Jehovah God. Every potential that is in her, she will start to break records. Separate her from tears of sorrow, God," he passionately conveyed.


Kabi's love for Milly extended beyond the heartfelt prayer. In a separate post, he reaffirmed his affection and promise of support.

"Hey Love, Ready for your Thriving Thirty? I pray for you that the favor of God will follow you in an extraordinary way. I pray that you will be who God calls you. This year you will walk in your full potential in Jesus' name. I love you so much Milly WaJesus. Thriving thirty it is," Kabi expressed, underlining his faith in her journey.

Milly's preparations for her 30th birthday have extended over the past month, as she delightedly shared glimpses of her upcoming celebration with her followers.


Through a series of heartfelt social media posts, she began crafting an atmosphere of joy and gratitude, setting the stage for a remarkable celebration.

In the lead-up to her birthday, Milly took to her social media platforms to express her heartfelt appreciation to those who have been a part of her journey.

"My journey is a true blessing. a fulfilling career, a wonderful marriage, amazing kids, and the unwavering support of friends and fans. What more could I ask for?" she wrote.

With messages brimming with gratitude, she acknowledged the blessings she has experienced, from her devoted fans to her cherished family and friends.


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