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Kabi WaJesus taps wife Milly & Wapendwa Muziki for Christmas banger 'Hanini' [Video]

Hii utapenda! Kabi WaJesus and Milly Wa Jesus amaze fans with a flawless rap about the birth of Christ

Kabi Wa Jesus & Milly Wa Jesus

The WaJesus family, known for their wholesome content, has delighted fans with a heartwarming Christmas song titled 'Hanini,' released on December 25.

The song beautifully narrates the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, with Milly WaJesus taking on the role of Mary and Kabi WaJesus as Joseph.

The musical piece brings a unique blend of creativity, humour, and devotion to the celebration of the Christmas season.


The Storytelling in 'Hanini': 'Hanini' unfolds as Milly WaJesus, portraying Mary, shares the surprising news of her pregnancy with Kabi WaJesus, playing Joseph.

The storyline takes a charming twist as Joseph, taken aback by the revelation, seeks confirmation from God through a quick phone call.

The response, affirming the divine conception through the Holy Spirit, adds depth to the narrative, emphasizing the sacred nature of the Christmas story.


Adding to the musical charm, 'Hanini' introduces Wapendwa Muziki, harmonizing and contributing to the chorus.

The collaborative effort enhances the overall musical experience, showcasing unity and synchronisation among the performers.

The inclusion of Wapendwa Muziki adds a communal touch to the WaJesus family's Christmas celebration.


'Hanini' follows Kabi WaJesus's recent venture into music with the release of the rap song 'Aki Love.'

This earlier release sparked discussions about Kabi's musical abilities, with varying opinions on his singing talent.

In 'Aki Love,' Kabi expresses his love for Milly in a rap format, narrating the journey of winning her heart. The song brings a personal touch to the WaJesus family's creative endeavors.


In the song, Kabi WaJesus declares his love for Milly. The content creator-turned-musician reveals the evolution of his relationship with Milly, reminiscing about being friend-zoned initially.

The song captures the essence of their love story, adding sentimental value to the WaJesus family's musical repertoire.

In the music video for 'Aki Love,' Milly WaJesus takes center stage as the video vixen, showcasing her chemistry with Kabi.


The couple incorporates footage from their past celebrations, adding a personal touch to the visual narrative.


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