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Kambua’s message to Guardian Angel & Esther Musila after their wedding

Your love has broken so many barriers - Kambua

Guardian Angel,  Esther Musila and Kambua

Gospel singer and Citizen TV host Kambua penned down a sweet congratulatory message to singer Guardian Angel and Esther Musila following their Private wedding.

Kambua who was among those who graced the wedding ceremony said that the couple have broken so many barriers with their love.

“My people. Your love has broken so many barriers. Love truly believes all things. Hopes in all things. Endures all things. Love remains. It stands the test of time. #lovewins

"Mr & Mrs Omwaka, may your love flourish and may God fulfill the desires of your hearts. Congratulations 🎉💛💛 @ngenyi @guardianangelglobal,” reads Kambua message.


The Wedding Ceremony

Singer Guardian Angel, walked down the aisle with his fiancée Esther Musila on January 4th, 2021. Their highly guarded wedding ceremony was graced by their close friends and family.

Taking to social media, Guardian said: “And on my birthday, God did it again. Mr & Mrs OMWAKA. #lovewins.”

“My WIFE @esther.musila 💍 ❣❣❣,” read a caption on his photo with Esther.


On her part, Esther wrote: “To find someone as special as you out of all the people in the world is something I never imagined. Let's do this life together. Mr & Mrs Omwaka ❤❤.”

A message to Critics

On Wednesday January 5, 2022, Angel put up a short video captured at their wedding, stating that it has not been easy to reach where they are now.

The singer borrowed Zabron Singers' song Sweetie Sweetie to drive the point home, acknowledging that a lot has been said about their relationship.


“Sweetie Sweetie baby, haikuwa rahisi tufike leo x2, Walisema mchana usiku wakalala na bado tunapendana na leo tunaoana, Walisema mchana usiku wakalala na bado tunapendana na leo tunaoana. Sweetie Sweetie baby, haikuwa rahisi tufike leo,” sang Guardian Angel during the wedding.

The Swahili lyrics "Walisema mchana, usiku wakalala na bado tunapendana" can be translated to mean, "They said so many bad things about us in the day and went to bed at night yet still we love each other.


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