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Kate Actress reveals amount she spent to attend Wakanda Forever premiere

Kenyan celebrities on November 10 2022 showed up, showed out, and overdid themselves during the premiere of Black Panther's Wakanda Forever premiere in Nairobi.

Kate Actress

In the event that saw who is who in the entertainment industry attend, every celebrity and star dressed their best.

But as is expected, some completely stole the show and the compliments tell it all even though not every star may have impressed.

One of the entertainment personalities who stole the show was Catherine Kamau better known by her stage name Kate Actress. Kate also doubles as an entrepreneur as she runs her own beauty and cosmetic product line.

In an interview with YouTuber and content creator, Eve Mungai, Kate who blew the internet because of the dress she put on revealed that she settled on the dress she wore three days before the event.


"I think we came up with the idea three days before the event because we kept wondering, what can we do and not look like we are overdoing ourselves," she narrated.

In a celebrity-thronged industry, Kate has a word for those who want to look elegant when attending events and still manage to keep within the limits of their expenses and still maintain their personality and brand.

"The first thing is getting the right person right, the designer and the person that understands your body, your flaws, and everything like that in regards to fashion and style and your personality as well because every time you have to dress your personality not just your body," she said.


Kate further explained that it sometimes takes time for her and her designer Naomi to come up with the kind of dress to don for an event saying they work together in deciding what she should wear.

The mother of two revealed that she has equally failed to attend certain events for a lack of proper dress to put on. But not just the lack of a dress but also with respect for herself as a brand, the feel of a touch that she would want to take out to the public as well as her mental uprightness when attending events.

"For me and Naomi is a collaborative effort, we understand each other, and she knows my personality and what I like. So from the beginning, the first thing is to get the right designer who understands you as a person. Remember I told you it is about personality, the dress is only there to amplify. So If I do not feel right mentally or something is going on, it becomes very hard for me to just show up," she added.


At the same time, she cried foul over the criticism that came after the Wakanda premiere as several celebrities were bashed for what was claimed by the critics as improper dressing saying people should mind what it takes for one to prepare and dress for events.

Kate further urged artistes to work closely with their designers to avoid the last-minute rush and work within the limits of their financial reach.

While talking about the amount she spent on her dress, hair, make-up, and transport as well as the much she spent for the Wakanda Premiere, she revealed that she spent not less than Sh 100,000.


"I do not think there is a day Naomi and I spent less than Sh 100,000 when you look at the whole event from transport, outfit, fabrics, and stylist, it is very expensive and you cannot keep doing it, that is why I do not attend all event," she said.

Kate Actress advocated for the support of artistes and urged the public to stop the negative criticism saying the celebrities spent a lot but still exhumed confidence that the local celebrities will get there.


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