Award-winning Actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress has penned down a heartwarming message to her husband Phillip Karanja as he turns a year older.

In her message, Kate showered her hubby with lots of praises, describing him as the most consistent and discipline person, who is always oozing wisdom whenever he speaks.

The former mother in-law actress went on to reassure her love to Karanja, promising to be his support system always.

Kate Actress with hubby Phillip Karanja
Kate Actress with hubby Phillip Karanja

Happy Birthday Baba Njeri

“Happy Birthday baba Njeri, if consistency , and discipline was a person .Thank you for being ever so patient and selfless .you are a such a big blessing to us, your litu family and to many other people you have crossed paths with. you are such a leader , yaani effortlessly so . The smartest ,yet the quietest guy in the room . You ooze wisdom every damn time you speak .we love you so much Karanja , may God keep you and favor you all the days of your life . Happy birthday my person , mr CEO , Baba k Squared , kamtu ka tahidi high , etc . 😂 wacha sasa nifulize my guy 😭

@phil_directorshared Kate actress.

Upon seeing the message, Phillip replied @kate_actress the message 😍😭110% the photos 🤦🏾‍♂️😩 lazima uchome mtu yangu 🤷🏾‍♂️ Thank youuuuu my love 😘😘😘”.

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The Karanjas
The Karanjas

Birthday wishes

Other celebrities and Kenyans from all walks of life also joined the conversation, sending their Birthday wishes to Philip Karanja.

kabiwajesusHappy birthday @phil_director

muthoniwamukiri “Happy Birthday baba Njeri 👏”

kawirajoy “🔥Happiest Birthday to your person👏”

myradenousse “Happy birthday to him”

wanjiku57 “We share birthday, Happy birthday”

nsamfyd ‘😍😍😍😍Happy birthday to him”

mejjaprince “Iyo pic tu....inatesa😂😂😂🙌”

_mkachao “Happy birthday mkuu❤️ “

millymillyndungu ‘Happy birthday Phil and Cate ulichukua crush wangu 😂”

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