Kenyans turn the heat on Sauti Sol as new details emerge on why they cancelled their show (Video)

Sauti sol are yet to respond to the fresh allegations

Sauti Sol

A section of Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) are not a happy with Sauti Sol after fresh allegations emerged on why they cancelled their “Sol Saturday” concert last minute.

A video done by Kari’s Kitchen, one of the Food Venders at the event alleges that Sauti Sol called off the concert because they did not like the setup of the stage and not because of Covid-19 as they had earlier explained.

In the 16-minutes’ narration, Kari's Kitchen narrated the loses she and other vendors had suffered due to the cancellation of event.

The young lady went on to call upon the Suzanna hit-makers to tell Kenyans the truth on why they cancelled their concert and stop hiding behind the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the new details, it also emerged that organizers of the event had asked the band to postpone the concert to Sunday, to give them time to change the stage setup but they refused.

… the organizers tried to negotiate with this guy’s till 3 or 4 in the morning because nobody could sleep. How do you even sleep without knowing the fate of the concert? it was so much disrespect, how dare you at 9pm start threatening people that you will not performing. In the Morning, three hours to the event you post saying you will not perform due to Covid. Lying to people… people had spent money to come see you and then you cancel at the eleventh hour…if you could have said this like on a Wednesday it could have been better.

This guys were invited for a walk through on the stage and the setup on Tuesday but they did not show up, Friday is when they are coming and saying we don’t like this,” said Kari’s Kitchen.

Sauti Sol are yet respond to the new allegations put out by Kari’s Kitchen.


Last Saturday, Sauti Sol pulled a fast one on their fans after cancelling their concert, saying they had been informed that the event size would not meet the set covid-19 protocols and regulation, and efforts to finding a solution with the promoters had been unsuccessful.

The statement said that with the current increase in infections and deaths, they could not in clear conscience endanger the lives of Kenyans.


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