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KTN presenter shares how her ex's shady business made police raid her house

KTN presenter Laura Mbatha shares craziest thing she did for love

KTN & Spice FM presenter Laura Mbatha

KTN & Spice FM presenter Laura Mbatha shared what she described as one of the most stupid things she ever did for love.

In a conversation on Spice FM in June, Laura said that she was once involved with a man who was a shylock whose shady dealing resulted in police breaking into her home.

It all started when her ex-boyfriend called her at work and informed her that he had left a car in her parking lot in an upmarket neighbourhood in Nairobi.

According to Laura, her boyfriend at the time said that he had forcefully recovered the vehicle after his client failed to repay his money.


The shylock broke the law while repossessing the car, sending detectives on his trail after his debtor reported the matter to the police.

He told me when the cops come I should say I have never seen him,” she recalled.

Police officers traced the car to the compound where Laura lived and broke in.

After failing to hear from him following the police incident, she went out to seek him out.


I remember he had a lawyer in some office along Haile Selassie Avenue. I walked into every lawyer's office asking them if they were so and so’s lawyer because I couldn’t find him,” she said.

Unfortunately, Laura said she could not look for him at his house because he lived with his baby mama.

He later showed up the next day saying he had been arrested.


Luckily the situation only ended in a broken heart for Laura because she was not questioned by the police nor named as an accomplice.


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