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Laban-Cliff Onserio speaks on life after 2022 incident in city church

The Director of Public Prosecutions in February 2023 dropped terror charges against Onserio

Standard Group Chief of Staff Laban Cliff Onserio

Media personality Laban Cliff Onserio who faced allegations of possessing a grenade, recently opened up about his life after the incident and the impact it had on him and his family.

Speaking to SemaBox TV, Laban expressed gratitude for the support he has received and shared his journey of self-discovery and reinvention.

Laban said that he is doing well despite the challenges he faced. However, he acknowledged feeling bad about the impact the story had on his family.

Laban emphasized the importance of understanding the full context of a situation, as the danger of a one-sided story can be significant and may not allow people to appreciate the behind-the-scenes truth.


"It really...My heart goes out to my family because some things you can say, 'Ah it's fine, let me just take it by myself.' But I think it was too heavy.

"They were in and out of court and stuff like that my parents came from Nakuru and supported the kids," Laban said.

Reflecting on the aftermath of the incident, Laban mentioned the frustrating experiences he encountered with job offers from brands as an MC and voice-over artist.


However, he found it interesting that despite the setbacks, organizations such as the United Nations and developmental partners showed support and invited him for engagements in the UK.

Laban highlighted the phenomenon of Kenya's cancel culture, where trending online can have both positive and negative consequences.

He acknowledged that while online content may shape public perception, life goes on, and opportunities can arise from those who truly see the person behind the online narrative.

Laban's journey has taught him resilience and the importance of focusing on personal growth.


He shared his excitement about upcoming speaking engagements, including his trip to the UK in September, which showcases his optimism and determination to move forward.


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