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'Jina hutaki?' Meme maker Omusula secures job in Parliament after public appeal

Omusula says he will never go back to the streets

Leonard Omusula speaking to K24

Leonard Omusula, the brains behind the 'Jina hutaki?' meme in Kenya, couldn't hide his joy after securing a job in Parliament.

Omusula recently made headlines when he was interviewed on the streets on July 18, and he earnestly sought help in front of the camera.

Butere Member of Parliament, Tindi Mwale, came to Omusula's rescue and offered him a job as his personal messenger in parliament.


In a video shared by the legislator on his Facebook account on July 20, Mwale mentioned that he sought out Omusula after seeing him trending in the news, as he was living on the streets of Nairobi.

Upon finding Omusula, the legislator engaged in a conversation with him. Omusula simply smiled and acknowledged that the legislator had looked for him and offered him a job.

He further revealed that he now serves as the messenger of the Butere lawmaker at Continental House and expressed his gratitude, stating that he would never return to the streets again.

As usual, he concluded his remarks by happily stating his name while nodding affirmatively.


Tindi Mwale later shared another video in which he was seen having lunch with Omusula. During their interaction, Mwale affectionately held Omusula's hand and gave him a tour of his office.

During an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Omusula made a heartfelt plea to Kenyans to help him find a job.

He expressed how tough it was for him to sleep on the streets and emphasized that he was not destined to live that way.


Omusula revealed that he chose to live on the streets due to mistreatment from his stepmother, and he has been facing this difficult situation since 2017.

He also shared the tragic story of losing his mother when he was still a child.

On a brighter note, Omusula mentioned that he has one child, who is set to complete high school studies in 2024.


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