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Leonard Omusula updates fans on health after rehab sessions

Leonard Omusula provides an update on his health and progress following his rehabilitation journey.

Leonard Omusula (left) and MP Tindi Mwale

Butere Member of Parliament Tindi Mwale shared videos of Leonard Omusula on his TikTok account, three months after he took him to a rehabilitation centre.

Clad in black sweatpants, a maroon t-shirt, and blue Crocs, Omusula stated that he was doing well and had successfully recovered from alcohol and drug abuse.

Omusula, while updating his fans on his progress, urged them to pray for him, as he was doing the same for them, emphasising their spiritual unity.


"Niko poa, na nimewalimia wote. Nawatakia kila la heri na mniombee, ninawaombea hata mkiwa mbali bado tuko pamoja kiroho," Omusula said.

When Omusula was taken to a rehabilitation center in Kiambu, a video of him being assisted went viral, and he appeared to be in considerable pain even while seated.

In his recent video, he appeared much stronger, and the person behind the camera even made a lighthearted comment about his strength, suggesting that he could easily pin Tindi Mwale to the ground.

Tindi Mwale, on the other hand, while laughing, even mentioned that Omusula was strong and even jokingly referred to his midsection as a cotton candy (kitambi).


Mwale then shared another video in which he was seen talking to Omusula. Unfortunately, this video had no audio, making it unclear what they were discussing.

However, it appeared that Mwale was advising Omusula, as he had employed him as his messenger and hoped he would resume work once he had made a full recovery.

In another scene, Omusula was taken to a triage room where his feet were checked, and his weight was recorded.


Mwale expressed amazement upon realising that Omusula had gained some weight and playfully asked about his diet.

Reychelle🇰🇪🇩🇰🇦🇹 At the end of the day, tunakupenda🥰.

racheal okimu I just love the transformation 😍 when God says it's your turn nobody can block it.


jj932 Eti thi end of thi dai you look handsome😂

Lady S ❤️ Happy to see Omusula mwenyewe,he looks happy and healthy.

Lydia. Sometimes all we need is someone to hold our hand n lead us in the right path.

the chosen one....❤️❤️❤️ Jina utaki is like,mheshimiwa huku hakuna ya fote......😂


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