One dress size Down- Betty Kyallo as she celebrates her weight loss Journey

I feel so proud of myself, lost 3Kgs- Betty

Betty Kyallo

Celebrate your wins no matter how small you think they are. Media Personality Betty Kyallo is doing exactly that, after shading off three Kgs in her weight loss journey.

In an Instagram post, Ms Kyallo said that over time she has learned to be patient with herself and she actually feels great about it.

“This journey has taught me patience with myself, my body and overall self-love. I feel so proud of myself because I feel super great these days, my skin Is flawless, I don’t wake up tired, I’m energetic and happy.

These days I make sure I sleep for at least 6hrs, drink lots of water and eat clean. I normally have some wine as I wind down my day but I make sure it’s the right kind.

Overall proud of myself. It’s been 1.5Months now lost 3kgs, one dress size Down and I just simply feel light. “ shared Betty Kyallo.

The TV girl went on to advise those who also want to change their lifestyle, to start slowly and never quit.

“To anyone who feels like they need to become fit just start slowly. There’s no competition. Also don’t give up keep going no matter the pace. When I started my workouts. I asked my trainer @sandrah_deborah to be patient as I was in bad shape now I ask her to give me more. CHEERS TO WINNING” added Ms Kyallo.

Just the other day, Citizen TV presenter Willis Rabaru also shared his tremendous weight loss Journey with a revelation that he had shade off 22Kgs.

“The journey continues. One day at a time 🙏🏾 Repost from coach @o_maurice Shukran! Imma look for this exact outfit and take another pic. For now allow me to celebrate. Bless up 🆙 👑💯🔥💶,” wrote Willis.

Another star who has been on a weight loss journey is David Kilonzo popularly known as DK Kwenye Beat.

The singer has been endlessly fat-shamed and trolled over his weight since 2017, with fans urging him to hit the gym. In 2018, DK enrolled at Eveal health and Fitness GYM under instructor Evelyn Okinyi who is a Figure competitor, fitness model, and personal trainer Ms Kenya.

“Safari Imeanza :DK KWENYE GYM ,” wrote DK Kwenye Beat

"Since November last year, it has been like a song. DK you need to work out, DK you need to hit the gym. For emphasis, memes have been created and shared online. I have seen it all and I almost quit social media but I resolved to stay and respond to the criticism with love, with my story. When I started out, most people knew me as a petite guy." shared DK in a past post.


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