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Kenyan attempts to rob TV reporter during interview [Video]

Months after Alvin Kaunda's live broadcast was interrupted by elephants, his latest encounter with a pickpocket in Nairobi was not so cute

A collage of Alvin Kaunda

A journalist from KBC got a rough experience while covering the Azimio la Umoja political rally in Kamukunji on Monday, January 23, 2023, after an encounter with a man whom he accused of trying to rob him.

Alvin Kaunda was interviewing those who had attended the rally, and as many Kenyans gathered around him one of the attendees tried to take advantage of the situation.

A video of the scene shows the journalist looking at the suspect apprehensively before trying to flee from the scene and interrupting the interview.

"Woah. My first political story was quite an experience,” he said after the encounter.


Following the incident, Kaunda had to jump into a KBC vehicle that was nearby due to safety concerns.

"There was a commotion afterwards. Luckily, our car was next to us so we just had to leave the scene because we also had a camera.

"Some of these people work in groups and you never know what can happen,” he said later, confirming that nothing was stolen.


In November 2022, Alvin had another strange encounter with an elephant that interrupted his broadcast by touching his face with its trunk.

Kaunda, on the other hand, was undisturbed by the sudden invasion of his personal space and proceeded to make his on-camera report, until he could no longer hold his laughter.

The video went viral in Kenya and also attracted the interest of global media, earning him the nickname “Elephant Reporter''.

The viral reaction to the video opened the journalist’s eyes to the power of social media and vowed to become more active in spreading the message of wildlife conservation.


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