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Beyond the tattoo: Man opens up about his deep connection with Felicity Shiru

The man who tattooed Felicity's name on his chest reveals a deep connection they share, assures Thee Pluto he's not in competition with him.

Kenyan man tattoos Felicity Shiru's name on his chest

A Kenyan man recently grabbed the attention of netizens with an unusual act of love—a tattoo bearing the name of Thee Pluto's girlfriend, Felicity Shiru, etched on his chest.

This act didn't escape the notice of social media users, who quickly flocked to various platforms to express their mix of amusement and disbelief at his audacity.

The tattoo quickly became the talk of the town, with netizens chiming in with witty responses on Instagram and other social media platforms.


In an attempt to shed light on his motivation for permanently inking Felicity Shiru's name on his chest, the man, known as King Yutty, clarified that his actions were not driven by a desire for fame or any intention to disrupt Felicity's current relationship, as some had speculated.

He emphasiSed that he had already garnered significant attention before the tattoo, having achieved personal goals and surpassed his own expectations.

"Mi nishapata attention ilikuwa nipate ata before the tattoo. Goals nilikuwa nazo nilisha surpass, mi si push anything.


According to King Yutty, love comes in many forms and definitions, and his tattoo was a manifestation of the unique love he holds for Felicity.

"There is a lot to uncover today, but what i can say, there are many type of love, and so i did it out of love. The love inaeza kuwa in many different definitions. People are just judging lakini hawajui ni love gani," he said.

He addressed those quick to judge, stating that they may not truly understand the type of love he has for her.


As for the reaction to his tattoo, King Yutty shared that while Felicity had not reached out to him personally yet, he believes she will get back.

King Yutty revealed that they have known each other since childhood. He emphasised that there was a deeper, personal connection between them that people may not fully grasp by simply observing their online interactions.

"Felicity ananijua. It's a long story but tumejuana since childhood. I don't know if I should say everything ama wait for Felicity. We have a deeper connection ni venye wasee hawajui. Ukiangalia hii sura yangu na yake kuna vile," he said.


For him, getting the tattoo wasn't a spur-of-the-moment decision but rather something he had contemplated for a while.

"The deeper connection that we have and vile tunajuana nao personally hata haikuwa ata ati ni decision namake. ni kitu ilikuwa nifanye kitambo even before now," he said.

Asked whether he is worried about his future partner's reaction to the tattoo, he pointed out that he'll seek out an individual with a name similar to Felicity's to complete a similar tattoo tribute.


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