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Mungu si Kamau - Annitah Raey's empowering message after recovery from Bell's Palsy

Annitah Raey's condition left her partially paralyzed, making her unable to eat and, at some point, even talk.

Media personality Annitah Akiru Raey

Media personality Annitah Akiru Raey has shared a significant positive development regarding her health after weeks of struggling with Bell's Palsy, a condition that temporarily paralyzed her and left her facing considerable challenges.

In a post on her social media pages, Annitah shared a photo that showed improvements compared to what she had shared weeks earlier.

Not only had her mouth come back in place, but her hair had also grown immensely.

The former radio presenter expressed her gratitude to her friends and colleagues who had supported her during the period she was ailing.


"Fully recovered.. Si tuseme Mungu sio Kamau. Super grateful and will forever be grateful for this season. Thank you for all the messages. Both love and hate; some grew my heart, others grew my Twitter numbers; all grew me anyway," she wrote.

The news of her health update drew mixed reactions from the online community. While many sent their well-wishes and words of encouragement for her speedy recovery, some individuals chose to be critical.


In the face of this adversity, Raey demonstrated resilience and determination, responding to the trolls with a strong and unwavering attitude.

She emphasised that online trolls couldn't break her spirit because they didn't play a role in shaping her.

"No troll can break me because they didn't make me, so let them have a field day. They need it. I wouldn't accord them much attention; they don't deserve it," she stated firmly.


The following morning, Raey continued to exude optimism and strength in her social media messages. She shared a thought-provoking perspective on facing challenges, saying, "Situations don't kill us. It's our reactions to the situations that finish us."

In addition to her personal journey, Annitah Raey expressed her desire to initiate meaningful conversations about Bell's Palsy.

Bell's Palsy typically occurs after an insignificant throat infection, usually of a viral nature. The condition arises when one of the nerves responsible for controlling facial muscles sustains damage or malfunctions.

Although its exact cause is unknown, it resolves within months on its own or with the help of physiotherapy.

  1. Sudden facial weakness: Abrupt onset of muscular weakness or paralysis on one side of the face.
  2. Drooping features: Brow and mouth droopiness, often accompanied by unevenness in facial expression.
  3. Asymmetrical drooling: Experiencing drooling from one side of the mouth due to impaired muscle control.
  4. Eyelid closure difficulty: Challenges in shutting an eyelid, leading to dryness in the affected eye.
  5. Facial distortions: Frequently, these symptoms culminate in notable facial distortions.

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