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Meet former struggling beautician now styling celebrity homes

He has served the likes of Dorea Chege, Mylee Stacey, Nadia Mukami among others

John Kamau

They say education is the key to success but it’s not necessarily the case for everyone who has made a name for himself/herself in a particular field.

In this day and age, Kenyans are becoming innovative, coming up with ways to make money and put food on the table – as that is what matters the most.

Just like Mark Zuckeberg and Bill Gates who made it in life without earning a college degree, today, we focus the spotlight on one Kenyan, who has traded on the same path to rise to the top in his field of specialization.

John Kamau, who is a former beautician has capitalized on his vocational skill, by venturing into the furniture industry and he now styles celebrity homes with his unique furniture.


Kamau who grew up in a humble home, did not allow his background to determine his future, but used the challenges to fuel his dream of becoming a CEO.

Currently, he is the CEO and founder of Dollar Furniture KE, a venture that has become a one-stop shop for a number of Kenyan celebrities when it comes to home and office furniture.

The entrepreneur, says that he did not come from a fortunate background but he always had the hustler mentality in him.

After high school, he first took a stab at the beauty industry, becoming a full-fledged beautician but that did not work out.


He then, transitioned to the modelling industry where he was a bit successful in Kiambu county after taking part in Mr Kiambu beauty Pageant. After a while, he decided to try his hand in Interior design by establishing his own furniture firm.

Kamau narrates that he started with one or two seats and he often gave ‘freelance’ youth casual jobs to keep them off idling in the streets.

“I usually prefer to give the youth who have no occupation small opportunities for casual work because I believe it is better than staying idle in the neighborhood which can harbor thoughts of crime and depression,” Kamau remarked.

In his line of duty, since establishing his empire, Kamau who operates from Kamakis, Eastern Bypass, has managed to interact and offer services to a good number of Kenyan celebrities.


His venture has scaled through the Kenyan market, attracting all sorts of customers due to its unique, stylish and affordable designs.

With time, Kamau has managed to earn the trust of celebrities, whom he has played a huge role in styling and upgrading their homes as far as interior design and furniture is concerned.

He details that his biggest motivation is to create employment for the youth while in the process of meeting his customer’s needs.


Kamau pointed out that the purpose of his grass to grace story is to inspire the youth and encourage them not to give up when chasing their dreams and a comfortable life.

He has served the likes of Citizen TV actress Maggie real name Dorea Chege, Mylee Stacey , Nadia Mukami among others.


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