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Reason Milly Wa Jesus’ mother fled home after giving birth to her

In a surprising confession, Milly Wa Jesus shared that her parents ran away from home shortly after her birth

Content creator & businesswoman Milly Wa Jesus

Kenyan content creator Milly WaJesus, whose real name is Millicent Wambui Ng'ang'a, is on the verge of celebrating a significant milestone as she approaches third floor!

Ahead of her 30th birthday, Milly Wa Jesus through a YouTube interview on Wednesday July 12, opened up about some lesser-known details about herself that fans may find fascinating.

She shed light on her journey as a digital content creator and her personal life.


Milly Wa Jesus was born in Murang'a, Kenya, while her mother was just 18 years old.

She fondly recalls her humble beginnings, revealing that she was born in a small kitchen, surrounded by three stones that served as a makeshift stove.


"Nilizaliwa kwa nyumba kwa kitchen, ushai ona zile mawe tatu za kando tuu hapo? My mum got me when she was very young. She was in third term of form four.

"When she was about to give birth ndo alikua anafanya exams so she was at home and and at the same time in school to do her exams. Then labour zilikuja tu hapo kwa nyumba," Milly said.

Her birth certificate indicates that she was born in Dandora, although she is aware that her actual birthplace differs.


"I don't know which hospital I was taken to but in my birth certificate inaonyesha nilizaliwa Dandora. But najua penye nilizaliwa," she said.

Milly's parents were not together at the time of her birth, and her father approached her mother's family to seek their blessing for marriage.

"What happened is my dad and mother were not together when I was born. She was just young and she was pregnant," she said.

However, due to her young age, their union was met with disapproval. Consequently, her parents eloped to start their life together in Nairobi.


"When I was born my dad came to mum's place and asked for a hand in marriage. But they didn't do that exactly, they ran away.

"My grandfather did not accept his daughter to get married at that age, so they ran away," Milly explained.

Milly revealed that her parents began their journey in Nairobi, where they lived in a modest room that they shared with another couple.


"They started their life in a single room where they were sharing with another couple... So it was the three of us; me, my dad and mum, and the other couple," she said.

Milly is married to Kabi Wa Jesus and they are raising two children together.


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