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Watch Milly WaJesus and Jackie Matubia’s dance celebrating post-birth looks [Video]

We carried a whole human bein, na pia kuslay lazima

Milly wa Jesus, Jackie Matubia’s dance celebrating post-birth look and message to women [Video]

Kenyan celebrity content creator, Milly WaJesus and actress Jackie Matubia have teamed up to encourage mothers to celebrate their bodies after giving birth.

The duo teamed up in a video in which they did a parody of Bien's Inauma hit song, blending it with their own words to celebrate their bodies post-giving birth and encourage other women to do so too.

The divas noted that looking good is not an option, but a must, adding that they are not under any pressure and the public must come to terms with the changes after giving birth.

"Hali ya wa wamama kupata tumbo mtazoea. Kukuwa thick after kuzaa mtazoea. We carried a whole human being, hakuna pressure. Na pia kuslay lazima," the duo noted.


Milly penned a long post, highlighting the struggles that women go through, adding that it takes time for the body to heal and gain its former glow.

"Sadly too many of us struggle with things like body image and self-confidence, especially when our bodies go through so much change after having a baby.

"It's normal to feel both proud of your body and less confident about it after having a child. It takes time for your body to heal and regain its former strength. So Try to be kind to yourself and realise that we all only get one body - and we need to treat it well," Milly WaJesus noted.

She added that even as women embark on the journey of losing weight, they should surround themselves with positive energy and people who encourage them.


"Strive for health. Search for beauty, and for kindness and for meaning. Remember none of these things can be found from the number on the scale, the size of your jeans, or looking skinny in a photograph," she added.

The two gave birth earlier in the year and are cognizant of the struggles that new mothers face and the changes that set in post-giving birth.


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