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Jaguar - Sometimes I regret choosing politics over music

Jaguar admits that sometimes he regrets choosing politic over music

Singer Jaguar

Musician and politician Charles Jaguar has offered words of encouragement to aspiring artists, cautioning them against underestimating the music industry's potential.

He firmly believes that the music industry is one of the most lucrative sectors in Kenya and can be financially rewarding for those who take it seriously.

Jaguar's comments were prompted by statements made by Khaligraph Jones' brother, who expressed doubts about the financial prospects of the music industry.


In response, Jaguar shared his perspective, emphasising the economic opportunities within the music world.

"Niliona msanii brother ya Khaligraph akisema ati music haina pesa," Jaguar began, "Mi nataka nikuambie, hakuna industry iko na pesa kama arts. We ukiwa serious ukifanya song utapata pesa."

He went on to stress the importance of creating hit songs and advised emerging artists to focus on their craft. Jaguar's own journey in the industry, spanning over 15 years, has given him a deep understanding of its financial prospects.


Jaguar encourages emerging artists to focus on creating hit songs. He asserts that if artists produce compelling and popular music, the financial rewards will follow naturally.

He draws inspiration from his own journey, emphasizing that the music industry has been his most profitable venture, even surpassing his earnings as a Member of Parliament.

"Mimi ni product ya muziki. Ata nikiwa MP, and I have said this before, ile pesa nilitengeneza nikiwa msanii hata sikupata nikiwa mbunge," Jaguar confessed


Beyond personal financial gain, Jaguar emphasises the importance of supporting emerging artists.

He believes in sharing his experience and wisdom with those who aspire to make their mark in the industry. In his view, it's not solely about financial investments but also about guiding and advising young talent.


"Industry ikiwa na pesa iko na pesa ukijua ni biashara na kile kitu unafanya," Jaguar remarked. He believes that artists must recognise that music is a business, and success is attainable with the right approach and mindset.

Jaguar highlights a common misconception among aspiring artists – the expectation that signing with a record label will automatically lead to financial prosperity, including housing, vehicles, and even relationships.


He urges artists to shift their mentality and understand that signing with a label is not a guarantee of success.

"Ukisigniwa wewe fanya vitu zako na upush kwa sababu hata ukisigniwa na hufanyi bidii itakua kazi bure," Jaguar advised

His message is clear, signing with a label is just the beginning, and artists must continue to work hard and push their music to reach the pinnacle of success.


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