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My channel handbag costs Sh600K - Vera Sidika reveals

Just the other day Vera imported baby Asia's Sh300K bed, years after spending Sh120K on single T-shirt

My channel handbag costs Sh600K - brags Vera Sidika

Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika is out here reminding her followers and fans how expensive her channel handbag is.

Over the weekend, the mother of one made an appearance at a city club as the host of the night and her channel handbag was all over in her clips – hence the need to remind her fans how much she spent on the bag.

The Beautypreneur disclosed that the channel bag cost her Sh600, 000 four years ago and still looks like a brand new one.

“My Channel bag is 4 years old. Looks good as new. The benefits of buying original designer bags. It cost Ksh600, 000 but worth every penny,” Vera Sidika said.


Ms Sidika is among Kenyan celebrities who are always eating life with a big spoon.

In March, 2022, Vera said that baby Asia’s bed cost her a whooping Sh300, 000 – wishing she could also experience such luxury when growing up.

“Can’t wait to unveil Asia’s nursery. At 6 months. So magical. Damn. Girl be sleeping on a bed worth Ksh.300, 000 from UK. How I wish I had this life as a newborn.

“Kweli its true, we work hard to give our kids what we never had. Aki God bless all mothers doing the best for the babies,” Vera revealed.


A few years ago, Vera took her fans by surprise after revealing that she spent Sh120K on a designer shirt.

“I paid 120k for this shirt. So I’ll wear it till Jesus returns,” said Vera.

In 2018, she said that she acquired designer shoes from the famous Italian marque; Prada at a whopping 56,293 discounted price. The feather embroidered satin moccasin’s initial price was Ksh. 140,732. The bootylicious lass lives lavishly.


Among other expensive things the socialite owns include; Rolex watch, Sh.520,000 handbag, a range rover motor, a huge closet full of pricey shoes.

In September 2018, she lashed out at a fan who accused her of recycling her T-shirt.

“I spent Ksh 60,000 on it. Outdated or not, I’m gonna wear it till it’s worn out!!!! ....and there’s nothing you gonna do about it,” Vera wrote.

For many of us, 60,000 on a T-shirt is crazy but Vera once spent 5 Million in one designer shop due to her penchant for the finer things in life.


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