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Singer Nadia Mukami has addressed allegations of having hidden her pregnancy.

According to the singer, she wanted to be ready and fully prepared before telling the world and her fans that she is expecting.

She also explained that the struggles she has been through with the pregnancy so far also pushed her not to make the big reveal at an early stage. Adding that, pregnancy is a very intimate affair and she has been admitted to the hospital severally, due to the pregnancy.

“Pregnancy is a very intimate thing and it has not been easy. Our mothers never say the truth. Morning sickness can be throughout the pregnancy. For me, I had aneamia. That's the major thing, nilukuwa nashindwa hata kukula kabisa juu (i couldn't even eat because I was) vomiting. I have been admitted in hospital several times. So, the reason why I did not want to say it is because I wanted to be okay first before I tell people that I’m expecting my bundle of joy.

“Unlike the way people were feeling as if I was hiding the pregnancy. There is nothing to hiding pregnancy, it’s very personal that you just have to wait till you are ready to talk about it,” Nadia explained.

Arrow Bwoy joined the conversation narrating that he has seen his girlfriend battle a lot as far as the pregnancy is concerned.

“I have seen her go through a lot with the pregnancy and she is a fighter… the fact that tulipoteza mtoto wa kwanza, ilikuwa ni noma (we lost our first baby was really tough). When she got pregnant the second time, that's when I said I must support her through thick and thin,” Arrow said.

The Utembe CEO also disclosed that their unborn baby was made in Zanzibar during their 2021 baecation.

Royal Media Services (RMS) Editorial Director Joe Ageyo is leaving the media house after serving four years.

The media house made the announcement in an internal memo by Group Managing Director Wachira Waruru on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

Ageyo’s role will be taken over by RMS Director of Strategy and Innovation, Linus Kaikai.

“He (Kaikai) retains the two functions alongside his new role. As Editorial Director, Linus will oversee the administrative and editorial functions of our news and current affairs operations across the RMS platforms,” read the memo in part.

Waruru thanked Ageyo for his services and wished him all the best in his future endeavours.

Highly placed sources aware of the transition disclosed that Ageyo is headed to Nation Media Group (NMG).

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen is embroiled in an ugly online spat with socialite and businesswoman Amber Ray.

The drama was ignited by Nicah who mentioned Amber while giving examples of who she defines as a homewrecker. Nicah appealed to women in marriage to always pray for their husbands.

“This is a small notice from Nicah to my fellow women/wives. Kindly let’s put our husbands in prayers like never before.

"Sasa imagine ukose kumuombea atoke hapa nje apatane na (if you don't pray for your husband and he meets someone like) Amber Ray akuaibishe (you'll be embarrassed) in public hata ukimsamehe kila mtu anajua (and everyone will know if you forgive the ceheating). So let’s pray for our husbands. Yours truly Nicah the queen. Tusaidiane wenyewe kwa wenyewe (let's help each other),” Nicah said.

However, Amber Ray clapped back in a quick rejoinder alleging that Nicah was dumped by her ex-boyfriend because she is lazy.

Ray went on to accuses Nicah of being a hypocrite hiding in Christianity.

“Even when laziness is hidden behind prayers, it still shows when your husband leaves you for a hard worker and end up starting amazing shows like Dr Ofweneke Live.

"The blessed don’t need to beef with the miserable,” Amber Ray clapped back.

She further stated that just because she is never seen preaching and talking about the bible doesn’t mean that she knows nothing about religion.

However, Nicah was not ready to give up the fight as she kept on throwing shade at Ms Ray.

Gospel singer, Linet Munyali who is popularly known as Size 8 has been hospitalized.

An update given through her official Instagram account reveals that the singer is receiving treatment at the Komarock Modern Hospital.

However, despite the hospitalization being made public it, it’s not yet clear what the singer is ailing from.

The gospel anthem hit-maker will not be about to carry on with her daily online preaching, until recovers.

“Size 8 REBORN will not be having her lunch hour preaching today for She was admitted in hospital, please put her in your prayers and we pray to see her preaching online soon...” reads an update from Size 8's page.

Kenyan musician and music producer Krispah, stage name Ndovu Kuu, has been awarded the prestigious YouTube Silver Play Button creators award.

The Ndovu ni Kuu hitmaker received the award after his YouTube channel surpassed the 100,000 subscribers mark on the streaming platform.

An elated Ndovu shared a short clip displaying his Silver Plaque - thanking his fans for always supporting his music.

“Aki walae... God bless y'all🤍🇰🇪🌍 time for that new music.🤫🤫That new direction, #tuskforce,” shared Ndovu Kuu after receiving the award.

Popular Kenyan disk jockey George Njuguna, alias DJ Crème de la Crème, has confirmed reuniting and rekindling his love with his wife and mother to their two kids, Denise 'Dee'.

In an interview with Milele FM, DJ Crème confessed that he regrets cursing marriage and subjecting his wife to unwanted criticism and scrutiny from the public.

“With time I realized that I had done a big mistake, especially saying Marriage is a scam. Those were just emotions and I highly regret it because it has cost me a lot of things. Can you imagine my kids in future coming to show me a YouTube video saying Daddy why did you say marriage is a scam? The whole statement was based on emotions and nothing big, but then you realize your wife has to come back home and I also realized the house is just empty without her,” confessed DJ Crème De La Crème.

The apparel entrepreneur said that he is happy to see his family back together, a feeling he says is hard to even describe.

“The family is fairing on well, they are back home and settled now. God is gracious enough he brought the family back and it’s amazing. I can’t even describe the feeling.

“Yes, yes hata yuko Jikoni anatengeneza chakula na hata naona nikiacha kukonda venye nilikuwa nimekonda,” Crème said.

However, the former KTN DJ chose not to give details of how they managed to repair their union, admitting that every marriage has its fair share of ups and downs.

During the conversation, Denise also confirmed that indeed they are back together.

Kamba Benga gospel singer Stephen Kasolo has been forced to issue a public apology to his daughter and Kenyans at large, following the virality of a video where he is seen threatening his three-year-old daughter.

According to the singer, he did not mean any harm to his daughter. He also took full responsibility for his actions, begging Kenyans for forgiveness.

“Praise God my fans? I want to take this opportunity to apologise to my baby Shine Kasolo and all our fans for the video which is going viral. I never meant any harm to my daughter and I never will, nevertheless it has brought a lot of tension on social media. Kindly forgive me this will never happen again, I'm sorry even before God,” reads Kasolo's apology.

On Monday, a video surfaced online showing Kasolo threatening his daughter Shine Kasolo for allegedly breaking his expensive water bottle.

The video caused an uproar among netizens, with a section calling for the arrest of the gospel singer over what they termed as traumatizing his young daughter.

Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan has revealed that she had worked as an office receptionist in Mombasa County before deciding to try a career in media.

She was speaking during an interview on Hot 96 where she revealed that one day during a phone call a man on the other end of the line complimented her voice.

The compliment planted the idea that she could make a great presenter even though she had not considered it before.

“It started in 2005, nilikuwa receptionist in Mombasa, kwa company ilikuwa inaitwa Tech Biz Limited and it dealt with computers. So whenever I picked calls, there is a guy called Anthony, I’ve never met him but nakumbuka to date, aliniambia madam, I love your voice have you ever thought of doing radio or TV?” she said.

Despite not having trained in media, Lulu applied for the first media job opportunity that came by.

"Kwa one of the newspapers niliona, they were advertising for TV presenters, news anchors and radio presenters, I applied but back then sikuwa nimesomea journalism nilisema let me try,” the news anchor added.

She sent her voice demo to the recruiters and at 20 years old, Lulu secured a job as a part-time radio news anchor.

During this time, she enrolled in media school where she juggled her work with attending classes.

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