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Noti Flow paints picture of King Alami's accident and her recovery

Alami fell off from the seventh floor of a building along Thika Road.

Noti Flow with  King ALami

Musician Noti Flow has given an update and the healing journey of King Alami almost a month after she was hospitalised.

While engaging her fans in a Q&A session on her social media, the 'Foto Moto' hitmaker confirmed that Alami would be soon discharged from the hospital according to a report from the doctors.

Earlier in November, Alami shared her recovery journey while she was still in the hospital bed. In her message, Alami said she was doing well while showing her swollen face and an eye that she struggled to fully open.

Noti revealed further that Alami had undergone several surgeries both major and minor saying the balance had skyrocketed close to a million. Noti was responding to a fan who wanted to know the number of surgeries Alami had undergone as well as the bill.


"I lost count. Part of her bill has been sorted but the balance is about a million right now," she said.

Noti also confirmed that Alami's right arm had been amputated which happens to be the hand she mostly uses.

Other than being amputated, Noti also confirmed that her right leg was also broken, and her left knee got dislocated, but the future is not bad as it can be taken back to normal.


Her skull was also affected although it has some fractures but the brain was not affected and she is in a position to remember what happened during the accident

On how she is mentally coping with her situation, Noti said Alami was not in the beginning, accepting her current condition. But as time has kept on moving her take on the matter is slowly changing and she is accepting her condition.

One of the questions that kept recurring has been what really happened leading to the accident to which she said she knows nothing.

Noti noted that Alami will tell her part of the story once she is discharged from the hospital. She further urged netizens not to pressure her once she is back on social media.


"I am not in a position as I was not there. She'll tell you guys herself and if she wants. Let's not pressure her when she comes back to social media. Not everyone is comfortable talking about such a traumatic life-changing incident. So far what we know is that she fell from the seventh floor," she said.

Noti confirmed that Alami was with someone on the rooftop when the incident occurred saying the person she was with has been arrested and in police custody though out on bond. She has however set the record straight on the matter saying she cannot comment on the same as it was in police hands.

"The person she was with at the rooftop is in police custody though out on bond. The police cannot do much until Alami is stable enough to give her statement. Only her word will determine the way forward," she added.

Noti went ahead to say that the two were separated prior to the incident due to what she says were trust issues.


Noti, an introvert says Alami is an extrovert and liked partying a lot in open places while she was not much into partying and loved private parties because she has a brand to protect and is an introvert.

She also said that Alami used to meet friends she did not know much about and saw no need to let her be free which led them to separate.


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