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Natalie Githinji narrates recent near-death experience

Natalie said the pain was too much to the point she resort to prayers

Natalie Githinji

NRG Radio presenter Natalie Githinji has shared details of a near-death experience as she underwent endometriosis treatment this past week.

Through her social media the radio presenter shared photos and videos of herself as she underwent treatment revealing that the magnitude of pain she was under saw her almost give up on the fight against the illness.

Githinji said she was restless and experienced trouble breathing and had resorted to prayers.

“Endometriosis is a demon kwa sababu heh! Jesus! I have been in pain since Tuesday and I'm still in pain yawa...Jana the pain was beyond and I thought 'this is the day I die' my people....Shalom to y'all and goodbye.


"I was ready btw kwenda cause I could not handle it anymore...I was in pain the whole day and night...I was vomiting, crying, kneeling, rolling, out of breath, praying, calling God, hadi nikatubu walai ....khai! A whole week in pain...” Githinji said.

Githinji however showed strength in battling the illness and urged all other women experiencing the situation to remain strong and face the illness.

“Endo is physical, it's mental and ruins everything in your life....but we move regardless.. because warriors don't give up... To all of the may not be over with the first attempt of dealing with it....but it will definitely be over soon ...continue fighting WARRIORS....I salute y'all... ..see yah when I get better,” Githinji wrote.


Friends and fans sent her messages of encouragement and promised to support her;

terencecreative Ohhh my sister pole saana,you are strong saana we shall conquer

sandra_dacha Utakuwa sawa mum



gloriasongoro You are strong and you will get through this babe

cindie_makena You are strong than endo Natalie…get well soon bbygrl

valentine.mwendwa Quick recovery nat, hakuna place unaenda, we love you so much Beb, you gonna overcome this by the grace of God❤️❤️

thewomensclubafrica May the Lord grant you great a health. We love you baby gal 🔥 hold on there ❤️❤️

gorretyy Quick recovery queen 😍 always conquer it sending much love


f.a.i.t.h._rop Healing upon you girl ❤️. You're a fighter you'll win it and heal❤️

jamesteshyl Quick recovery girl ❤️you are strong than Endo I wanna see you doing more TikTok videos with your mom


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