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NTV hires 8th KTN journalist, Akothee unveils new boyfriend & other stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

Mulamwah makes a polite request to baby mama on daughter's birthday

Jovial, Brian George Otieno, Mulamwah and Nelly the Goon

If you missed the biggest stories of the week PulseUhondoMtaani has conveniently compiled all of them for you;

The Nation Media Group has acquired the services of another Standard Group journalist.

News anchor Brian George Otieno announced joining the Kimathi street-based media house weeks after he announced leaving his first employer. Otieno joins the television wing of the media house at the capacity of a news anchor and reporter.


“Its been exactly a month now since 15th Aug when I started a new job as a broadcast journalist at NTV, after my last stint at KTN News on 4th Aug. Here's to being intentional. NTV is the way,” Otieno wrote on his twitter.

At NTV, Otieno joins his colleagues from KTN such as Roselyn Obala, Ibrahim Karanja, Lofty Matambo, Ben Kitili, Fridah Mwaka, Brian Obuya and Nicholas Wambua.

Award winning investigative journalist and his wife Sheena Makena are celebrating their 12th marriage anniversary and the couple could not hide their feelings for each other.


The Africa Uncensored founder shared how lucky he was to have her partner and praised her for being a great mother to their four children.

“Twelve years married today! Thank you for standing by my side from our first dance ( to this song!) to our first grey hairs. From our first child to our fourth. For every day that you have loved me, even when you can't stand me.

You are the heart of our home, a brilliant human being. So smart, so fierce and a genuinely good person. I'm not lucky to have you. I am blessed ( even stole your quote to prove it). I love you,” Namu wrote.

Makena on her part praised her husband as a man who knew how to handle her troubles reminding her how she loved him.


“Shapes, sizes, numbers and smizes these past 12 years have changed but have been a blast, a rollercoaster; filled with imperfections-but ours. I cannot imagine doing it with anyone else but @johnallanamu.

Happy 12th year anniversary, darling. We all appreciate you for being the head of our home, the diluter of my madness and a good balance of everything I love about you. Let's ensure we have a fab day, - and food😂😂😘🌹as we lead each other to heaven,” Makena wrote.

Kenyan singer and businesswoman Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has revealed new boyfriend months after parting ways with Nelly Oaks.

The mother of five on Sunday September 19 put up a couple of Instagram stories where she revealed that she was now loved and that she has already given a nod to his new lover.


“Sawa basi, It's yeeeeeeeeees 😭😭😭🙈🙈🙈 Someone tell my mum atoke tu church aende home I went for a lunch date in Mombasa shortly,” read the captions by Akothee on her video.

In June, Akothee confirmed that she is no longer in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend and manager Nelly Oaks.

Celebrity couple, Njugush and Wakavinye (Timothy Kimani Celestine Ndinda) have welcomed their second baby, celebrating his birth and sharing the news with the public for the first time.


The couple welcomed their second born, a son named Toria to the family a month ago but kept the news under wraps until when Wakavinye shared the good news on Saturday, September 17.

“It's now 1 month since we welcomed our newest family member, Baby Toria. Thank you all for your prayers and wishes. Mama boys, Tugi&Toria (inyaa tuvese😍),”shared Wakavinye.

Mulamwah in his birthday message to her daughter said he was going go have a talk with her oce she came of age and that he was still waiting for her in Kitale.


“HBD rainbow baby Kalamwah Baraka tele to many more years of growth and good health. We will one day meet and talk once you have a brain of your own. Tunakungoja Kitale bado, Your lil siz says hi too,” he wrote.

Mulamwah while appreciating her baby mama efforts in raisinig their daughter cautioned her against using the young one as bait for self-validation especially in online platforms.

“Thank You Mama K for raising her well, just make it easier to co-parent, lets not have happy pictures online with sad realities and don’t use the kid as bait for social media likes, validation and monetary gains. A baby is not a job,” Mulamwah noted.

Muthoni on her part expressed the joy of a mother watching her child growing describing her growth as something she treasures.


Rapper David Mathenge, better known by his stage name Nameless, is calling for a road in Nairobi’s South C to be renamed after fallen rapper Issah "E-sir" Mmari.

Nameless in his petition says E-Sir was regarded as one of the finest rappers to emerge in the Kenyan music scene and should be regarded as a national icon.

“In honour of this iconic Kenyan artist who was not only a great talent and friend to many but a pioneer in his genre of music we are calling on the Nairobi County Council (NCC) and The Office of the Ombudsman to name a road, drive or street in South C in 'E-Sir's" name as a way of celebrating artistic talent and in honor of his memory,” Nameless said in his petition.


Nameless said the naming of the road would go a long way in celebrating arts and culture in Kenya, adding that the late 'Boomba Train' hitmaker possessed great values that many youth can emulate.

“E-sir’s legacy continues to inspire generations after his passing with his talent, hard work, passion and humility. The naming of a road after him will celebrate these great values and recognize the importance of the arts in our culture,” Nameless stated.

Kenyan vocalist and recording artist Juliet Miriam Ayub, also known as Jovial, has lashed out at critics asking about how she plan to give back to society.

The singer says critics have been thronging her DM with the question and asking her to sign new artists as a philanthropic effort.


Dismissing the suggestion, Jovial emphasized that signing a musician to a record label is a business venture with legal repercussions.

She insisted that how she gives back is a matter between her and God and not a thing to be publicized and paraded on social media pages.

"The emotional blackmail on DM, about giving back to the society, specifically signing new artistes. Well giving back is a secret between me and my God, I do not do the social media parade," Jovial said.

The Coast-bred, Jeraha hitmaker went ahead to make clarifications on what it means for her to sign artists saying people should stop being ignorant.


"And please let us be exposed, signing an artist is not giving back to the community, it is business. I sign you, and you bring me money, You screw up, and I take you to court," She expounded.

Comedian, and radio presenter, MCA Tricky is celebrating after he began the construction of his mansion in Machakos County.

The comedian shared photos from a groundbreaking ceremony he recently held at the piece of land where the finished house will stand.


Present for the ceremony was a priest who officially commissioned the construction project, Tricky's co-host Chris the Bass from Milele FM and construction workers already at work.

Proud of the achievement, MCA Tricky also shared his joy that his new project was going to create employment for many in the area.

“The beginning of greatness! Hustlers getting employment for the next good months! Machakos is home! Oh God help me!” Tricky stated.

Tricky is working to complete his construction as he also pursues a Master's degree in Mechatronics Engineering at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT).


Gengetone star Nelly The Goon has opened up about his absence from the music scene amidst worries about his whereabouts and musical career.

Nelly, who is part of the Ochungulo Family trio, had not released new music since January when the group featured major Kenyan artists on a collabo released in honour of E-Sir.

He along with fellow group members Benzema and Dmore released a seven-track album titled Tamasha on August 29, 2022.

Explaining why it took months to release music, the musician said that things have been hard and thick on his side and he has been unable to keep up on his music career because he has been struggling a lot.


In a cryptic post on his IG stories, the rapper disclosed that he is currently in Kajiado County trying to manage general fatigue.

"I know things are moving slowly from my side. I am struggling a lot. I'm in some place in Kajiado right now and I'm feeling like it is getting hard for me to keep up with my music lately.

"I'm mentally, spiritually and financially tired right now. But I just want you all to keep believing in me as you believe in yourselves. Never give up on me, please. I love you all," Nelly told his fans.

Kenyan radio disc jockey, DJ Bash, has issued a public apology to the mother of his son.


In a post that the DJ shared online, he regretted having let her down and hurting her repeatedly and shared that he is now ready to do better.

The two have been co-parenting after their relationship hit some challenges.

"Mama Neo, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you. I let you down. Time and time again, I hurt your feelings. I’m sorry. I pray that God helps me be a better friend, a better father, and a stronger partner in raising our son. Love always," DJ Bash posted.

His apology seems to be drawing back from comments the DJ made a while ago accusing his ex-wife of not letting him have time with their son and allegedly making his life unbearable.


Although the entertainer has in the past argued that no one has stood by his side, leave alone come to his aid, Prezzo was fast this time around to assure him that things are going to be well.

"You are only human & not a robot... Don't be hard on yourself, just play your part. Kesi badae. Head above water bro," Prezzo chimed in.


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