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#PulseUhondoMtaani - Stevo Simple Boy says no to condoms, claims God is against them

Zuchu, Stevo Simple Boy, Diamond Platnumz and Fredrick Muitiriri

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NTV has poached TV47 news anchor, Fredrick Muitiriri, to join its roster of media personalities at the Nation Media Group.

Muitiriri, a former police officer, was just five months into his new job at TV47 when NTV came calling.

According to verified reports, Muitiriri will be presenting the Swahili bulletin on NTV but his slotted show is yet to be confirmed.

Media has become the journalist’s second act after leaving the National Police Service in 2007.

However, Muitiriri has always had a knack for the 4th estate, using his stint as a cop to raise money to take him through media school.

After hanging his boots, the anchor joined the Kenya Institute of Mass Communications, giving him the foundation for his media career.

Media personality and actor, Charlie Karumi, has revealed that he relocated to Canada a few weeks after parting ways with Homeboyz radio.

Karumi was co-hosting the morning show alongside G-Money before quitting the show and promised to share his next move with his fans.

In a video, on his YouTube channel, Charlie stated he relocated to start a new life with his wife who is a postgraduate student at Courtenay in Canada.

"In July I quit my job, packed up my bags, sold our car, packed up our house in Kikuyu and bought a ticket and flew 14338.1 Km from home," he said.

Charlie also announced that while he is in Canada, he wants to be a movie star by venturing into films and TV shows.

"I am going to be a movie star, it is really what I desire. I want to be in films and movie shows and am going to make that happen " he added.

He noted that he will be undertaking his journey in the film industry in Vancouver.

WCB Wasafi President Diamond Platnumz has finally bought a private jet, months after he declared his intention to acquire one.

In an interview with DW Africa, Chibu Dangote got into personal details of his life, discussing his relationship status and his latest acquisition, a private jet.

Chibu Dangote’s clarified that he is not in any relationship, at a time he has been rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with his signee Zuchu.

During the conversation, Platnumz also revealed that he has already acquired a private jet to ease his movements around the world.

“Sometimes for someone like me who came from the streets, when you buy a car worth like $1,000,000. What for? You have to do that, if not they will never value you, someone else will look like he is the real deal and you are not. In fact, I have just bought a private jet,” Diamond disclosed.

In May 2022, the Jeje hitmaker revealed that plans were underway to acquire his private jet, and with his recent statement, that has already happened.

Stephen Otieno Adera, alias Stevo Simple Boy, has revealed that he doesn't use condoms due to his religious beliefs.

According to Stevo, the conjugal act is reserved for married couples as guided by God, hence condoms and any other forms of contraceptives contravene the established law.

"The bible might not have included a verse on condoms but the teachings indicate that a man and woman who love each other should respect their unison and procreate," said the Kibera-born artist.

The revelation comes only months after Stevo explained that the issue of intimacy was what led to the split between him and his ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy.

Award-winning Kenyan comedian and internet sensation Elsa Majimbo is making major money moves, after buying a new mansion in the United States.

On Wednesday, Majimbo made it public that she had acquired a new house after 12 months of searching for an ideal property in Los Angeles, California.

“After looking for a house in LA for one year I got the place 🥳🥳🥳🥳 A new house and a happy girl,” Elsa Majimbo announced.

The new milestone by the 21-year-old comedian come at a time she is rumoured to be expecting her first child.

Majimbo fueled the pregnancy reports with a short video showing her protruding belly – leaving netizens speculating on whether she is expectant or was just playing mind games.

The young comedian is among Kenyan celebrities who have been making major moves on an international scale.

Elsa Majimbo signed by IMG Models and WME

In June, 2022, comedian Elsa Majimbo registered another win after being signed by IMG Models and WME.

IMG is a global modelling agency headquartered in New York City with additional offices in Sydney, Paris, London, Milan and Los Angeles. On the other hand, WME is a global entertainment agency.

Diamond addresses claims of exploiting WCB Wasafi artistes

WCB Wasafi President Diamond Platnumz has come out to address claims of exploiting his signees - making them pay huge sums of money to terminate their contracts.

In a recent interview, Platnumz sought to clarify that WCB Wasafi is a record label that has invested heavily in music business and whoever gets signed under the label has to adhere to the terms and conditions put in place.

He made it clear that he runs the label as a full-fledged business and that’s why everyone who wants to terminate his or her contract must part with a certain amount of money.

The Wasafi Media CEO and founder further stated that he invests a lot in all talents signed under his label and that’s why they blowup within a short period of time.

“We are in music business but at first there were rumours that artistes are being exploited. It even reached to the President but we explained ourselves saying this is business and they understood it from our point of view.

“So you can’t just leave when we have invested millions in your craft. I invest in this people, make ensure they have a name for themselves, plus shows so that we can also make money at the end of the day," Diamond explained.

Adding that; "If I wanted I could have invested that money in something else, but I choose to invest in entertainment. WCB artistes are some of the richest artistes right now because of the investment we put in them,".

Filmmaker Abel Mutua has disclosed that the team behind his new movie Click Click Bang has already made more than Sh2.5 million so far from the release.

He was speaking during an interview with Radio Citizen where he reiterated that the movie has already broken records in Kenya.

During the interview, he explained that over 2,500 Kenyans had paid Sh1,000 each to watch the movie on July 15, July 16 and July 17.

Kenyans turned out in such large numbers, we had four screenings and we had 2,500 people. That has never happened in this country before, we shattered a record there. There is no better feeling than that,” he explained.

Mutua said that the team targeted more than Sh6 million in order to cater for production expenses such as paying the actors as well as investing in the next film which is already in the pipeline.

I know consistency will take us to the next level, and with that said, the next film is already in the works. We will meet again in November,” he hinted.

Award-winning Kenyan singer and self-proclaimed president of single mothers, Esther Akoth, stage name Akothee, has penned an open letter to the CEO of Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua.

In her letter, the Abebo hitmaker detailed that for a very long time, Kenyan artistes have been suffering, with no one to champion for their rights.

“Kenyan music and musicians have had a rough time; they have never had any father figure to give them directions. We have just been moving blindly with hopes that one day we shall make it.

We have never had any figure to make an appointment, go sit with them and pour our hearts out. We have suffered more than the world can imagine. Kenyan musicians have been ignored irrespective of how much they entertain, motivate and keep the country going,” read part of Akothee’s post.

The singer went on to narrate that a lot of talents have died in Kenya but they are now trusting Mutua to fight for them while at the helm of MCSK.

Mugithi singer Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, alias DJ Fatxo has celebrated the purchase of a new Mercedes Benz said to be worth Sh3.8 million.

DJ Fatxo dedicated his new German machine to God and thanked his fans for supporting him throughout his music career.

I want to debut my new ride and give thanks to God for his unconditional love and blessings. I dedicate this car to God, my undoubted fans who have continued to support my art and music and finally to anyone who is going through struggles with their dream.

I want to encourage anyone who has a dream never to lose hope in the ideology of being a winner!! Finally, always remember the life in front of you is more important than the life behind you,” he captioned photos of the vehicle.

Kenyan Boy band Sauti Sol have teamed up with award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones for the remix of their 2018 hit song 'Tujiangalie' (self-reflection) ahead of the August general election.

On Friday, July 22, 2022, Sauti Sol released behind the scenes of the making of ‘Tujiangalie remix’ with details on why the remix is much needed during this electioneering period.

“If we all unite with one voice, it’s a wrap... we are trying to flex as much as we can because we have a lot of people who are looking up to us to make a difference.

“I’m just hoping that right now people are wise enough to know how this game is being played. Take the direction of change and that’s what basically we are pushing for, so tujiangalie,” says Kahligraph Jones.

Sauti Sol lead Vocalist Bien-Aime Baraza added that the Tujiangalie remix will be out to remind Kenyans to vote wisely.

“I really hope that this song reaches you and you understand it so that it can also change you. As you go and vote just remember don’t let the same snake bite you twice,” Bein-Aime said.

Savara Mudigi who is part of the Sauti Sol band, says; “When a song has a meaning, it can outlive us. We can say we are from a certain generation and we sensitized people about a particular change in our society,”.

The original Tujiangalie song, released on August 22, 2018 featuring Nyashinski, serves as a reminder to Kenyans to always elect the right people into public office.

Tanzanian singer Nandy is on the spot for allegedly hiring a renowned radio presenter to soil Zuchu’s name over an endorsement deal.

In a series of leaked audio clips, Nandy could be heard instructing Clouds FM radio presenter Mwijaku on how he should tailor his messages when attacking Zuchu on social media.

“Hapo Mwijaku kwenye, Kwamba walikuwa wasanii wangapi akiwemo Zuchu, andika hivi …hiyo itoe hiyo point, andika tu hakuna mtu atapewa dili la hela nyingi akatae, especially la pombe, isionekane hivyo maana watajua tumeongea details za ndani,” instructed the voice in the leaked audio clips.

“Mwijaku. Mwijaku kwesho niulie niulie,” says Nandy in another leaked audio clip. The clip that was posted by an online media house in Tanzania prompted Nandy to leave behind a comment - laughing off the allegations.

“😂😂😂 daaaah mbonaaa kuuliwa 😂😂😂,” Nandy commented under the post.

On the other hand, Mwajiku who is the man at the center of the leaked audio, claims that Nandy wanted to pay him Sh91, 543 (Tsh1, 800, 000) for the job.

“Alitaka kunilipa shilling million moja na laki nane, kupost kwenye page yangu na alisema anitumia hela kwa Bank account yangu, lakini nikamwambia hapana, kama utanipa pesa kama kaka yako ni sawa lakini sio kunipa pesa nimzungumzie mtu. Zuchu ni Kijana mdogo na anapambana kwenye kuimba na anaimba vizuri kwa hizi dili zenu ndogo mkiniingiza mtakuwa mnanikosea,” Mwijaku says in the clip.

The leaked audio clips have elicited an endless discussion in Tanzania, with a section castigating Nandy while others questioning the authenticity of the clips in question.

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