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Otile Brown, 2 other celebrities warn fans of fraudsters using their names

He went on to confront a particular claim that he had swindled someone out of Sh70,000

Kenyan musician Otile Brown

Kenyan RnB artist Otile Brown has been on the spotlight after damning claims of conning his fans, a surprise given that the Dusuma singer has largely kept away from scandal in his career.

Otile Brown has been trending online after tabloids circulated screenshots of unverified and unconfirmed chats indicating the alleged conversations.

This incident prompted Otile to post a statement calling on those who have accused him to go to the authorities to report the case.

“Nimejaliwa kwenye hii nafasi na sihitaji... si mwanammke pekee, hata iwe mwanamme, sihitaji kucon mtu yeyote kwa sababu Mungu amenijalia kuwa mahali naweza kuji-provide. Kama kweli umeconiwa, nenda ufuate sheria, involve the authorities.


"(I’m blessed and I don’t need to con a man or a woman for I have the ability to provide for myself and meet my daily needs. If truly you have been conned then follow the due process of law, involve the authorities)," the musician stated.

He went on to confront a particular claim that he had swindled someone out of Sh70,000.

"Kuna yule kwanza... alinitusi sana akisema kuwa alipoteza elfu sabini. I would never jeopardize my career over Sh70,000,” he stated.


Many celebrities have been used and targeted by catfishers in the recent past and there has been an uproar on how to deal with this issue.

Catfishing can be defined as a form of online fraud where a con creates a fake identity and targets a specific victim. The aim is usually to gain money, blackmail a victim in some way, or intentionally upset an unsuspecting victim.

Some of Otile Brown's fans have defended the celebrity saying that someone is trying to defame him.


“Otile Brown is upset because there are individuals who have been using his identity to corn others. A Mount Kenya University was recently conned out of her school fees by an individual who impersonated Azziad Nasenya! This is not good as people should stop defaming celebrities,” she wrote.

Comedian Jalang’o was also used in a catfishing scheme on a dating site, where a university student used his photos to create a profile and secure a number of dates.

Jalang’o addressed the matter, asking the person involved to stop impersonating him.


Azziad Nasenya also complained of the same incident when a video that she had just uploaded got reported.

“I really don’t know why someone just reported the video I just uploaded. This is my only account for Twitter @AzziadNasenya…the other one is just catfish,” she wrote.


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