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Miraculous! Phyllis Mbuthia earns YouTube Silver Play Button days after hack

Phyllis Mbuthia announced on Friday 9, that she had lost her YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers, to hackers

Kenyan gospel singer Phyllis Mbuthia

In a heartwarming turn of events, popular Kikuyu gospel singer Phyllis Mbuthia has found solace and support from the Kenyan community after her YouTube channel, which had amassed over 300,000 subscribers, was unexpectedly deleted by hackers.

However, amidst the despair, a good Samaritan named Ndugu Nyoro stepped forward to assist Phyllis in her journey to rebuild her online presence.

In an astonishing feat, Ndungu Nyoro helped Phyllis achieve the YouTube Silver Play Button, signifying 100,000 subscribers, within three days of losing her previous account.


Phyllis Mbuthia was left devastated when her YouTube channel, which she had diligently built over the course of seven years, was abruptly deleted by hackers.

The account held more than 300,000 subscribers and had garnered over 30 million views, making it a significant platform for Phyllis to share her music and inspire her fans.

In a heartfelt video shared on her Facebook page on Sunday 11, Phyllis tearfully expressed her anguish and disbelief at the sudden loss.


She lamented the countless hours of hard work and dedication she had invested in creating and nurturing her channel, only to see it vanish in a mere six hours. Her genuine emotions resonated with her followers, who empathized with her painful experience.

Witnessing Phyllis's distress, the Kenyan community rallied around her with overwhelming support.


Messages of encouragement, prayers, and offers of assistance flooded in from fans and fellow artists alike.

It was during this time that a kind-hearted individual named Ndugu Nyoro emerged as a beacon of hope for Phyllis.

Moved by Phyllis's story and her unwavering commitment to her music ministry, Ndugu Nyoro, a changemaker committed to support education, selflessly extended his assistance to help her rebuild the YouTube channel.


Taking advantage of his huge following on social media platforms especially Facebook, Ndungu rallied Kenyans to follow and subscribe to Phyllis channel.

Within just three days after the devastating loss, she attained the coveted YouTube Silver Play Button, a remarkable achievement signifying 100,000 subscribers.


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