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#PulseHotTwist: Akothee regrets helping disabled man she had adopted as own son, Maribe speaks on getting back with Eric Omondi & other stories


Jacque Maribe, Larry Madowo, Akothee and Terry Muikamba

It is another beautiful Friday and as usual #PulseHotTwist is here to once again give you best of what you might have missed in the East African entertainment corridors.

Let’s get to it…

Akothee regrets helping disabled man she had adopted as own son


Self-proclaimed President of single mothers Esther Akoth aka Akothee has made it clear that she has is done helping Shadrack Mwita the disabled man she rescued from the streets a few months ago.

The singer stated that no one should ever link her to Mwita after what she termed as being taken through a horrible experience while trying to help the homeless man (Mwita) she had adopted.

According to Madam Boss, Mwita changed a lot after she took him in as her own son, tabling some weird demands that were hard for her to meet.

She added following the adoption of Mwita, her own brother abandoned her because he was not for the idea of welcoming Mwita into her home without a proper background check on his family.

The No- Filter maker also pointed out that Mwita abandoned the house she had rented for him to move in with another family, but when he ran into trouble he started begging for help again.


“…His name is shadrack mwita 🙏

Now with those few remarks. I have never given birth to a child with the name Shadrack Mwita . I have my two boys in France and my 3 girls.

They are well behaved and taking care of themselves .

Don’t ever call me regarding any Shadrack Mwita I don't know him 🙏 nor his family

Let him go back to the streets where I found him . Unfortunately Tuskys where I found him is closed, let him go to Naivas there are big cars passing there


I am done 🙏” reads part of Akothee’s post.

Jacque Maribe speaks on getting back with baby daddy Eric Omondi

Media Personality Jacque Maribe has once again made it clear that that there is no possibility of getting back together with her baby daddy Eric Omondi.

In an Interview with True Love Magazine, Maribe mentioned that sometimes Omondi doesn’t believe that they will never be lovers again.


The former Citizen TV news anchor went on to state that she closed the Chapter of having a relationship with the funnyman long time ago, insisting that currently they are just focused on co-parenting.

"No, that ship sailed. We will keep the friendship, but he doesn’t believe it though, to be honest. A few days ago, he made a joke and said You are single and I’m single, we were meant to be single so that one day we will get back together, but I was like No. that ship sailed.

"I think I came to know another side of him and I keep telling him we kinder messed crossing the line because we were very good friends, from the beginning and I don’t know why we thought that maybe it could work. If we were able to collect ourselves again, I don’t think I will ever cross that line again” said Maribe.

Asked on why her relationship with her baby daddy Eric Omondi ended, Maribe said that at that particular time they were not in a serious relationship.

Larry Madowo gets picked to deliver lecture at Canada’s Carleton University


Media Personality Larry Madowo has been picked to deliver the 4th Annual Peter Stursberg Foreign Correspondents Lecture, at the Carleton University School of Journalism and Communication, in Canada.

Madowo who is the North America correspondent for the BBC, said that he is excited for the opportunity to share with the world his eventful year.

“I’m speaking at Canada’s top journalism school next week! Really excited to talk about this totally chill, uneventful year” wrote Madowo.

Through his Lecture, Stranger in a Strange Land, Madowo will reflect on his journey from covering the disputed Presidential elections in Kenya (2007-08), as well as covering the US Presidential Election that is currently facing a political turmoil.


The lecture will be delivered virtually due to the ongoing pandemic on December 2nd, 2020 and its open for the public (free).

The event will be moderated by award-winning journalist and author Nahlah Ayed, host of CBC-Radio’s Ideas and a long-time foreign correspondent for the CBC.

The Peter Stursberg Foreign Correspondents Lecture was introduced in 2017 to honour the legacy of famed Canadian war correspondent Peter Stursberg (1913-2014), an adventurous and prolific journalist who was Canada’s last living war correspondent from the Second World War.

I respect Zari so much & feel privileged to have kids with her- Diamond Platnumz


Singer Diamond Platnumz for the first time spoke on Zari Hassan’s trip to Tanzania, showering the mother of his two kids with lots of praises.

Platnumz said that he feels privileged to have sired kids with Zari, whom he described as a very good and mature mother.

“Miongoni mwa wazazi wenzangu ambao nawasifia kwa kujua kuishi kama Wazazi ni Zari. Na namheshimu sana. Na pengine sijawahi kumwambia hivyo lakini yuko professional sana, na mwenyewe nafarijika na kumshukuru mweyezi Mungu kwa kuweza Kuzaa naye… Ni mwanamke ambaye hata mimi mwenyewe namshukuru mungu kuzaa naye na nafarijika kuona watoto wangu wana mama kama yule” said Diamond Platnumz.

Chibu Dangote went on to echo Zari’s words that they have not rekindled their love but they are just co-parenting.

“…Mimi na yeye hatuna mahusiano ya kimapenzi, tuna mahusiano ya kulea watoto. Na watoto nilikuwa sijawaona takribani miaka miwili, lakini tulimaliza matatizo yetu, akaja na watoto hapa akakaa almost wiki Nzima, Tukakaa naye vizuri na tulikuwa tunalea watoto.


Yeye sasa hivi ana mahusiano yake … na mimi niko single kwa hiyo watu wa mtandao wakiongea huwezi kuwakatalia” added Platnumz.

Classic 105 presenter Terry Muikamba lands new TV Job

Classic 105 Evening Drive Presenter Terry Muikamba landed a new TV job as the host a new show dubbed "Mega Deals Show" that will be airing on KTN.

An excited Ms Muikamba mentioned that she is happy to be scaling new heights in her career, although she had never pictured herself on TV.


Going per the details shared by the media personality, the Mega Deals Show will start airing from December 2nd, 2020.

“And we are on TV Now. We have been working on a new project. It terrifies me. I have been telling myself ”do it afraid” every day. Tv was never in my plan but here we are... @megadealske is our new baby and I will do it afraid. Starting 2nd Dec on KTN.Oh it will be live too! So be kind 💕💕” shared Terry Muikamba.

Ms Muikamba’s announcement attracted lots of congratulatory messages from her insta-family, who wished her well in her new venture.

Eric Omondi in a public fallout with KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua


Comedian Eric Omondi lashed out at KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua after he criticized his latest move of putting out what he termed as inappropriate content.

On Wednesday, Mutua called out Omondi, asking him to put a disclaimer on some of the videos he has been sharing on social media, as well as put some respect on his name if he want to be addressed as the President of Comedy in Africa.

According to KFCB Boss, the funnyman should be conscious about the young generation that might be influenced by the content he is putting out there.

"People are doing all manner of staff, including some people like Eric Omondi, Unashangaa uhyu ni mwendawazimu gani, kuna heshima gani unajionesha kwa video kwa njai ambayo haifai na wewe ni mtu mzima. Na unasema ati wewe ni King of Comedy Afrika. Sasa King of comedy, si ujiheshimu basi, king of comedy si uwe na heshima kwa Watoto na hizo vitu ufanye then you put a disclaimer ni za watu wazima” said Ezekiel Mutua.

Omondi's response


In a quick rejoinder, Omondi responded to Mutua cautioning him to stop using his name for publicity stunts. Adding that he has never seen him support the entertainment industry yet he is always quick to criticize.

“DR. Ezekiel Mutua. This is your last warning. This is not the way to address the PRESIDENT of an entire Continent. Stop using my name for these cheap PUBLICITY stunts😡😡😡...I have never understood exactly what you do for a living. You have not helped the Entertainment Industry in any way.

So you flew all the way to Mombasa to do this Press conference, hiyo Pesa ungenipatia niongeze nazo Cameras Kwa Studio zangu so that we shoot more videos for young talented Kenyans. Please Visit Eric Omondi Studios and see what we are about to do to help young and upcoming TALENTS. Don't ever address me or use my name again. You don't know my story!!! You don't understand my process!!!” wrote Eric Omondi.

I regret posting my eldest son on social media – Anne Kiguta


To share or not to share? That’s the question most celebrities often deal with when it comes to social media but for others like Anne Kiguta not sharing her private life is a no-brainer.

In Q&A session with her fans via her Insta-stories, the K24 news anchor disclosed that she regrets sharing her eldest son pictures on social media.

According to the media personality, she already has a pretty public life and she would like her kids to enjoy their privacy at all costs. Adding that the kids are too young for social media.

'Gosh, so may of you have said this…was the number one response! Well I will have to let you down on that my loves. I’m rather traditional (believe it or not) so I'm vehemently against it. My babies are all still far too young, including the eldest, to be on social media. In fact, I really regret having posted my eldest at all.

Mummy already has a pretty public life. They deserve their privacy. A reference every once in a while perhaps but nothing more than that for a long, long, long time. Hope you understand” shared Anne Kiguta.


Over time, Kiguta has proved to be among public figures who are notoriously private in an industry that demands publicity.

MC Jessy Inks new deal with KTN as his show moves to TV

Comedian cum Media personality MC Jessy had signed a new deal with Standard Group owned station KTN Home that will see his show #JessyJusction move to TV.

In an update seen by Pulse Live, the funnyman disclosed that starting Monday next week (November 30th, 2020), Jessy Junction will be airing on KTN Home at 10PM.


“Yes we are now on KTN. Starting this coming Monday 30th from 10pm.

Jessy Junction will be on KTN home.

See you this coming Monday. #JessyJunction #Fun_n_Laughter

Are you ready for Every Monday 10pm on KTN home. #JessyJunction #Fun_n_Laughter announced MC Jessy.

The comedian launched his show #JessyJunction on YouTube back in July 2020 as a survival outfit after the government imposed strict measures to curb the Covid-19 pandemic.


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