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Kamene Goro,   Actress Eve D'Souza and her hubby Simon Anderson and Risper Faith

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Kamene Goro on quitting her Job

Kiss 100 Presenter Kamene Goro disclosed that she quit her job at Ebru TV back in 2014 and moved to Tanzania to get married to the man of her dreams.

In an interview on Jessy Junction, Kamene revealed that she tendered in a two-day notice in her resignation letter in readiness to start marriage life in Tanzania.

I got married immediately after I finished my Law degree in 2014. My TV career had just started to pick and I met the then love of my life and he lived in another Country, akaniambia come I want you to be with me. I remember I gave my employer a two days’ notice…I went wrote the letter and drop it on my boss’s desk. I think it was on a Tuesday, I had just comeback from Zanzibar, did bulletin ya 1PM and wrote the letter and told guys Thursday ndo siku yangu ya mwsisho msinisumbue, and I left.

Then I settled in Tanzania and became a wife, I was about 23/24. I knew it was a person I wanted to be with. It was someone I had been with for some time... I tell people the story about my EX… but he was actually a really great guy.

I have left my career and you know how passionate about my work and what I do. By the time I left my job to be with him …I knew I wanted to be with him and I was happy to be his wife," said Kamene Goro.

The media personality further stated that her then husband dumped her over the phone at a time she was visiting her family in Nairobi.

Amber Ray speaks on Using Witchcraft

Socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray has refuted claims that she uses witchcraft over her controversial photo that is always doing rounds on social media.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, a curious fan sought to find out if it’s true that the curvaceous socialite used witchcraft to get her ex-hubby Zaheer Jhanda.

“Why do you use Witchcraft” asked the fan.

Ray replied with an affirmation that she has never used witchcraft in her life and very soon she will give an explanation to her photo that is always associated with witchcraft.

“I know it’s hard to believe this but I have never used witchcraft in my entire life… anyway, one day I will tell my side of the story. You all better be ready” reads Amber Ray’s response.

Amber Ray was first accused of using witchcraft by Aaliyah Zaheer, her former co-wife.

Her photo holding two chickens, one black and white, and covered from head to toe in a strange piece of white cloth went viral some years back leaving many with question of whether she was using witchcraft to keep her then husband.

Sex after a fight is always the best – Risper Faith

Socialite Risper Faith who recently opened up on fights in relationships said that sex is always best after a fight between lovers.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, the mother of one said that those who are just starting out in relationships should not quit because of fighting.

Risper Faith mentioned that during their first year of dating with husband Brian Muiruri, they always had fights almost every day.

She went on to say that it’s okay to have the fights, to make their love stronger and have good understanding of one another.

“Let's talk about fighting in a relationship... In my experience during our first year into dating we used to fight almost on a daily basis, second year maybe every week, third year it narrowed down to once a month and nowadays we barely fight, so its okay to fight to make the love stronger and to understand each other, for those of you who are starting don’t quit because of fighting its okay lol .... N/B sex after a fight is always the best 👌.@brayo79,” she wrote.

Actress Eve D'Souza and boyfriend tie the Knot in private wedding

Media Personality cum Auntie Boss Actress Eve D'Souza is officially off the market after walking down the Aisle with her longtime boyfriend Simon Anderson.

The two love birds tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony that was graced by close friends and a few family members.

An excited D'Souza later shared photos from her wedding on Instagram with a caption that reads; “How it started... how it's going 😊 #happy Married 16.10.2020 ❤❤”

The wedding comes barely a year after Anderson proposed to D'Souza at the Candolim Beach in Goa, India.

Why Mwalimu Rachel is demanding Sh1.5 million from Sailors

Media Personality Mwalimu Rachel has decided to put to rest accusations of denying Gengetone Group Sailors logins to their YouTube channel by demanding Sh1.5 million.

In a detailed explanation, Mwalimu pointed out she is not demanding the Sh1.5 Million from Sailors but their new management that has inked a new contract with the group.

According to Rachel, Sailors signed a new contract with another record label behind her back, yet she was the one managing them under her brand MRX Media.

Mwalimu's Explanation

…As a business, that has no binding contract or agreement with a third party, would it really make sense to just hand over log in’s? The simple answer is, no. This record label saw it fit to ask me to sell them the YouTube channel for 100K. As a way of getting them off my back I said the estimated value of that channel and the work my team and I put in it, is 1.5 Million (I’m starting to think I underquoted lol) I was charging the record label that wanted to take ownership of this channel, NOT Sailors. Let’s be clear on this part. I am very ready to cut cords with Sailors, after all it’s just business, nothing personal, but I know theres a proper way to do it. I’m not trying to “hold on” as many would argue. I am simply doing what’s best for my company and the investment we put into them. You don’t simply hand over log in’s and other sensitive material simply because your artist has “moved on”. Equity, Ownership and Return On investment. Read up on that. Hiyo ndio homework kwa sasa” said Mwalimu Rachel in part.

Don’t leave your man coz he can't perform in bed- Betty Bayo

Vocal singer Betty Bayo has advised women not to dump or leave their husbands just because they can’t perform in bed or they are broke.

Bayo argues that a woman should only part ways with a man when the man in question says so to his wife or partner.

The mother of three went on to state that whenever a woman decides to walk away simply because she has found someone else or just because of peer pressure, the move always attracts more harm.

"Attention!!! TO ALL WOMEN

DON'T leave your man coz he got broke

DON'T leave your man coz you got richer than him.

DON'T leave your man coz he can't perform his duties .in bed

DON'T leave your man coz of Peer pressure .

DON'T leave a man coz his going through shame instead stand with him.

Don't leave a man coz of social media

LEAVE A MAN ONLY when HE TELLS YOU WITH HIS MOUTH TO LEAVE..don't force your self it will cause more harm .. . my sister livuuu obedient is better than sacrifice. ..

Short comment only .am cargoling my cargo #laPresidento wa masingo #mamayao,” shared Betty Bayo.


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