#PulseUhondoMtaani: Terence loses Grandma before gifting her new modern House, Amber Ray breakups with Jamal & other stories


Ian Wafula, Amber Ray, Terence Creative and Larry Madowo

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Terence Creative & Milly lose Grandma before handing over new House to her

Comedian Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby are mourning the sudden demise of their grandmother, who passed away on Friday.

The sad news was divulged by a heartbroken Terence who noted that it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that his grandmother is no more.

Terence Creative’s grandmother passed on at time he was building her a modern house that was almost ready for handover.


Some texts are hard to type, but let me do this. I thank God for the time He gave us with my grandama, today I took the last selfie with her and hugged her for the last time, I can’t believe we won’t be seeing each other again, I had so much plans for her but God had better and best plans for her. We used to gossip together and have fun, she was funnier than I am. She had a nickname ‘secret’ because people trusted her with their secrets and she would tell them “sitasema,ni sekereti”

"😂😂 but woooiii alikuwa ananiambia zote na tunacheka pamoja. My brothers and I used to call her “grandee” a nickname derived from the word grandma. She was great and played a big role in our life, there is much I can say about her, but let me keep some as a secret as she would say. I just want to thank God she did meet her great grandchildren and blessed them and always spoke blessings upon all of us. Long live grandee. It is a great union in heaven I guess. It is sad you didn't make to see the house I am building for you it hurts so much ,the plans I had were great but God had better plans for you , I’ll miss you mum, my grandma say hi to mum and uncle John 🙏 I love you"

Milly Chebby eulogized her hubby’s grandmother with a message that reads;


We had big plans for you ,I had really waited to see your reaction as we launched your house but plan ya God huwezi pinga

RIP SHOSHO MAITO I will miss your stories you were so funny and fun to be aroundRIP SHOSH”.

Amber Ray confirms breakup with Hubby Jamal after days of speculations (Screenshot)

Socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray confirmed that she is no longer an item with hubby Jamal Marlow Rohosafi, after weeks of speculations.

In a Q&A, Ray said that currently she is single without going into details of what led to their breakup. She was Jamal's second wife.

“Are you together with Jamal, if not what happened? Asked a fan.

Amber Ray replied; “No, Not anymore”.

Another fan asked; “Are you Heartbroken or feeling depressed by the fact You and Jamal mmeachana?

She replied; “Like I said, I live for now… and life is all about creating Memories”.

Do you regret fight for him? Posed a fan.

She replied; “Actually I was fighting for me, ata sa hii Mtu akinikanyaga napita na yeye”.

Are you single?

Amber replied “100%”.

What happened to you and Jamal?

She replied “Si tulikosana tu”.

However, despite the affirmation from Amber that she is no longer an item with Jamal, a section still believes that the two are still together but want to take their affair off social media.

Amber Ray’s statement come days after Jamal deactivated his Instagram account, with an explanation that he want to live a private life.

Larry Madowo promoted by CNN 2 months after joining the station

Cable News Network (CNN) promoted Larry Madowo to be its International correspondent just two months after he was appointed as their Nairobi-based correspondent.

On Wednesday, Madowo made changes on his social media handles, to reflect his new role at CNN, something that has excited a section of Kenyans.

Kenyans from all walks of life took to Twitter to congratulate Madowo, making him a trending topic for the better part of the day.

In his update, the seasoned Journalist hinted that he might be going back to the United States of America (Atlanta Georgia).

“CNN International Correspondent. Former BBC North America Correspondent. Nomad. Past lives in Joburg, London, New York & Washington. Bad jokes, good GIFs" reads Madowo's Twitter Profile.

Nairobi-based correspondent

Before joining CNN as their Nairobi-based correspondent, Madowo was assigned to North America as a correspondent for BBC based in Washington DC where he covered the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 US elections, the death of George Floyd, and the trial of Derek Chauvn.

At that particular time, he noted that he was headed to CNN to cover a tiny continent with only 55 Countries.

“Some personal news: I’m heading to CNN to cover a tiny continent with just 55 countries” reads Larry Madowo’s post.

Diamond charges Sh7 million per show - Manager reveals

Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam SK revealed that the popular musician charges Sh7 million for international shows.

In a recent interview with Chibu Dangote's owned radio station Wasafi FM, Sallam said that other than the performance fees, event organizers also have to make special travel arrangements for the bongo star.

He added that to fly the star out of his country, one has to do it via private jet, cover for the food and accommodation for him and his crew.

The manager said that because his popularity and music catalogue had increased over the years, they had to adjust the prices.

In 2015, a Kenyan events promoter said that Diamond was charging Sh3 million and that his fee increases every time he drops a hit song.

The Sh7 million rate card is non negotiable but when it comes to performances in Tanzania, there is room for compromise because of his love for his core fanbase.

During the interview, Sallam also revealed that Zuchu, WCB-Wasafi’s most popular female artist charges Sh2 million for international shows.

Rayvanny steals the show at Mother-In-law’s lavish Party, showers her with Money

Next Level Music CEO, Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa alias Rayvanny stole the show at his Mother In-law Frida Kajala’s Birthday party, after showering her with bundles of Cash.

Video’s seen by Pulse Live, captures Vanny Boy "chopping money", as he rewards his Mother-In-law for turning a year older.

Clips from the exquisite Birthday party have become a topic of discussion in Tanzania, with a number of gossip sites re-sharing them with different captions. The party was put together by Bongo Movie Director and actress Lamatah and was graced by close friends and family members.

“More Years, More Success!!! Happy birthday momy @kajalafridareads Rayvanny’s message to Kajala. She replied “Thank you son 🙏🏽😘”.

On Friday, a thankful Kajala expressed gratitude towards everyone who turned up for the Birthday party.


To the rare few individuals in my life who have listened without judgement, spoken without prejudice, helped me without entitlement and love me without any conditions. These are now my family not friends anymore😊.

Ahsanteni sana kwa kunipa furaha na kicheko kwenye siku yangu muhimu.......and thank you so much for the birthday wishes you people mean a lot to me. Mungu awabariki I love you guys so very much😍😍❤️

Lamata ulitisha sana🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ila unapenda kulia kipenzi changu @lamataleah @lamataleah Video by @cherehani1wrote Frida Kajala.

Rayvanny’s girlfriend Paula Kajala also penned down a beautiful message to her mother, upon turning a year older.

Setback for King Kaka & Otile Brown as their song gets deleted from YouTube

Kaka Empire CEO Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka was subjected to a major setback after his hit song #Fight featuring Otile Brown was pulled down from YouTube over a copyright strike.

On Wednesday, a disappointed King Kaka put up an update, warning that people should stop clout chasing with other people’s hard work and just make music.

“Hizi Copyright Claim zimekuwa mingi. People should stop clout chasing and just make music.

A product that we made from scratch with @otilebrown in a studio tena iko na kesi” wrote King Kaka

The screenshot shared by Kaka reveals that the song was reported by a guy identified as Denyinbrown.

“This video is no longer available die to a copyright claim by Denyinbrown” reads a notification from YouTube.

YouTube copyright strike is a copyright policing practice used by YouTube for the purpose of managing copyright infringement and complying with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is the basis for the design of the YouTube copyright strike system

Harmonize defends self after messages to ex-wife & ex-girlfriend Kajala raised eyebrows

Singer Harmonize is out here making it clear that he is not looking for love, after his apology to ex-wife Sarah Michelotti and Birthday message to ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala raised eyebrows.

In an update, Konde Boy said that he was just making peace with his ex-wife and that doesn’t necessarily mean that he want her back.

“Sihitaji Mahusiano mapya wala ya Zamani, I just made things clear and to appreciate the woman who was there for me Tukapitia mengi kuachana sio Vita…Single forever” wrote Konde Boy.

Message to Kajala

On the other hand, the Attitude Maker joined other Tanzanians in wishing her ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala a happy Birthday upon turning a year older.

“Happy Birthday K…. Nakutakia Maisha marefu na Yenye Mafanikio Na Furaha tele.



Ferdinand Omondi proposes to long-time girlfriend [Photos]

Kenya’s BBC Africa correspondent Ferdinand Omondi proposed to his long time girlfriend Caroline Njeri Ng’ang’a on Tuesday, July 20, 2021.

Omondi went down on one knee to ask his wife to be the million-dollar question as the rest of the country was marking Eid Ul Adha.

Taking to Twitter, the journalist who was popularly known as Mule on Tahidi High announced that she had accepted his hand in marriage.

“And now these three remain faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13. She said yes.” he posted.

On her part, Njeri posted “Like Mary in Luke Chapter 1, my soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my saviour, for God has looked with favour on the lowliness of the almighty’s servant.”

“Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed; for the Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is God’s name. God’s mercy is for those who fear God from generation to generation. God has shown strength with God’s arm; #harusitunayo”

Fellow journalists and media personalities celebrated the good news as one of their own starts the journey into marriage.

Omondi’s proposal comes days after Njeri interviewed for the position of IEBC commissioner on July 8.

Comedian Prof. Hamo buys Baby Mama Jemutai a piece of land (Photos)

Churchill show comedian Professor Hamo bought his Baby Mama Jemutai a piece of land, as they look forward to building a home together.

On Tuesday, the funnyman took to his social media pages to share photos of Jemutai holding the title deed to be their piece of land saying “I can build a house, you'll definitely make it a home”.

“I know we've been through alot but it's not how we start but how we finish that matters, it took time for you to believe that I wanted my family to be together and happy, it's still work in progress but this is a start. I can build a house, you'll definitely make it a home” wrote Professor Hamo.

On the other hand, an excited Jemutai also put up photos, saying she is optimistic of putting up a home on the piece of land.

“See God🙏 Thank you 😊 my heart is full. Let's build a home” shared Jemutai.

The two have now officially joined the list of land owners in Kenya.

Simfeel Kabisa- Ben Pol opens up on ongoing divorce with Anerlisa Muigai

Tanzanian RnB singer Bernard Paul Mnyang’anga aka Ben Pol opened up on his divorce with Anerlisa Muigai, revealing that he is no longer attracted to the Keroche Heiress.

In an interview with SkyWalker, Pol said that their relationship was on and off despite being legally married through a church wedding.

“It’s true I filed for Divorce, lakini process bado inaendelea. Divorce inachukua time, so kwa hiyo kisheria bado tumefungwa pamoja lakini kihisia sidhani kama kuna mmoja anataka kuwa na mwenzake” said Ben Pol.

The singer mentioned that the divorce period was a very difficult stage in his life.

“Kipindi hicho kilikuwa kigumu sana…mpaka majira ya siku yalibadilika, yaanni kuna wakati nilikuwa naamka saa kumi na moja join ndo nakunywa breakfast, na kula lunch saa tatu usiku, dinner saa tisa Usiku, nalala sa kumi na moja. Lakini I did a lot of work to be Okay. ..I was invested kweli kwenye mapenzi and I gave my all, saying this I my wife so went thing went south I was hurt”.

After the separation, Pol opted for online sessions to help him heal from the nasty breakup.

Asked on whether he is willing or still have feeling for Ms Muigai, Ben Pol replied;

“Kwa saa hivi mimi namuombea tu heri lakini kusema ati namzimia, hapana hakuna kitu kinaweza kutokea kati yangu mimi na yeye.

Simfeel kabisa, unfortunately, sidhani kama ni kosa, huo ndo ukweli wangu” said Ben Pol.

The singer went on to reveal that his biggest regret was ignoring the red-flags in their relationship, until it was too late.

“My biggest regret was ignoring the signals in the relationship…I’m a very prayerful person…kulikuwa na signals nyingi lakini nilikuwa na skip…niliignore signals muda mrefu sana…labda hata hatungefunga ndoa mwaka jana. Kama ningekuwa nasikiza signals labda things could not have gone this way. The thing I regret is that there signal all over but I ignored them.” said Pol.

BBC’s Ian Wafula over the moon as he joins Cardiff University in the UK

Celebrated Media Personality Ian Wafula announced that he will be taking a media break after being selected into the UK’s prestigious Chevening Scholarship.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, the BBC Journalist said that he is going to study a Masters in International Journalism at the Cardiff University located in the United Kingdom.

“Time for a new challenge! Got selected into the UK’s prestigious Chevening Scholarship. I’ll be taking a career break for my Masters in International Journalism @cardiffuni! Looking forward to what this next chapter holds! #ChosenForChevening #CardiffUni @cheveningfcdo shared Ian Wafula.

Chevening Scholarships offer full financial support for one year to candidates applying for a Master's degree at any UK university- covering nearly 12,000 courses from more than 150 universities. Nationally, 45 scholars (25 men and 20 women) have been chosen for the Masters' scholarships for the year 2020/2021.

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Odhiambo joins Hot 96 days after quitting Radio Maisha

Celebrated Media Personality Nick Odhiambo landed a new job at Royal Media Services owned station Hot 96, days after quitting Radio Maisha.

A source privy to the information told Pulse Live that Odhiambo has been paired with seasoned media personality Jeff Koinange for the Hot Breakfast show dubbed #JeffandNick from 6am to 10am (Monday to Friday).

“…In the Red corner, he is dark, tall and handsome. This two will be tag teaming to create a morning experience like no other. Let’s get ready to rumble on the hot breakfast show, weekdays, from 6am to 10am with #JeffandNick only on Hot 96” says a promo from Hot96.

The two will kick off their journey as a duo on Wednesday, with Odhiambo coming in as Professor Hamo's replacement.

On July 15, Odhiambo opted to walk his fans down the memory lane to the day he joined the radio industry, saluting Maina Kageni for teaching him the ropes.

“On 15th July 2006...my then boss @mainakageni put the mic fader up and said ongea Sasa. I swallowed hard and forgot everything I wanted to say and told him 'ama tuache tu' he told me you are already here just go for it... 15 years in radio today! #NewJobLoading to mark this! TBT” shared Nick Odhiambo.

Akothee gushes over Baby Daddy as he lands in the Country to see her parents

Self-proclaimed President of single mothers Esther Akoth aka Akothee penned down a message of appreciation to her baby daddy “Dominic Decherf” upon landing in the country from France.

Akothee said that she is happy with how Papa Oyoo has been taking care of their kids, thanking him for honouring her request to come over and meet her parents.

The Abebo hit-maker added that the respect she has for her baby daddies is only served in Heaven, as they make co-parenting look easy.

Thank You


The respect I have for my baby daddies is served in heaven. The one who takes the crown is Papa Oyoo. Papa Oyoo My one and only, you make co-parenting look easy. Thank you for honoring my request, to come and see my dad he has been asking for you 💪Kesho nikupeleke Rongo ,kule nilikozaliwa , wazazi wangu wakushukuru ,KWA kuwalea watoto wetu💪❤️❤️” shared Akothee.

Memory Lane

On September 17, 2020, the singer showered Dominic Decherf (Papa Oyoo) with praises for being a good father to her kids and supporting her since her days as a taxi driver and now a mega star.

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