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Marya Prude, Kamene Goro, Vera Sidika and Zari Hassan

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Marya Prude claps back after Kenyans touch her raw nerve

Marya Prude, the ex-wife of Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu, clapped back at critics who have been trolling her and dictating how she should live her life.

In a post on Instagram which is now deleted, Marya said how she conducts her life should not bother Kenyans.

“How someone would want me to feel bad about enjoying my own life is something I do not understand.

“My friend, if you don’t like your life, do something about it and let others enjoy their own,” she posted.

Critics had thrown shade that she was partying too much after breaking up with the TV personality.

Marya had been posting photos from parties she had attended in Nairobi, Nakuru and other places.

The Amapiano Sundays crew has been hosting the parties since the music genre started trending in Kenya.

Amapiano is a style of house music that emerged in South Africa and is a hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music.

Jalang'o:Why I rejected 8 hefty offers to sell Bonga na Jalas

Comedian and media personality Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o has revealed that he declined offers from 8 TV stations.

Speaking to video content creators in a recent meeting at his offices in Nairobi, Jalang’o said that the media houses had approached him to air his Bonga Na Jalas show.

“MC Jessy was approached and went to KTN. This thing is bigger than any of those televisions,” said

He added that TV stations usually like to negotiate and pay per episode, but he didn’t believe in taking his show to the traditional media houses.

He also discouraged video content creators from selling their content to traditional media because of the opportunities the digital industry had opened up.

“Do not sell your dream because this thing is bigger than any TV. You can sell shares but not the entire company,” Jalas advised.

Nameless Teams up with Trio Mio, Nelly The Goon & Habib for E-sir tribute song

Legendary Kenyan musician David Mathenge aka Nameless teamed up with young star Trio Mio, Nelly the Goon and Habib (E-sir’s brother) to compose a special tribute song for the late Isah Mmari aka E-sir.

The musicians made the revelation through Episode 7 of This Love (Wahu and Nameless- Docu-reality), where they had joined their creative forces to come up with a song in honour of E-sir.

The song will be produced by Motif The Don, an experienced music producer who have produced a good number of hit songs in Kenya.

During the studio session, E-sir’s brother Habib, pointed out that they have always wanted to work on an E-sir song but every time they meet in studio they feel the tune is not good enough.

Unajua tumekwama, coz tumetaka kufanya ngoma about E-sir for so long na huyu msee (Nameless). Kuna time tunakam tunado alafu tunasema hapana haijafika mahali tunatakaa” said Habib.

On the other hand, Nelly the Goon (Ochungulo family), mentioned that E-sir is the pioneer of the Kenyan music industry.

“Hii Ngoma nimeichora sana…kama miaka mbili. Nilikuwa na feel tunahitaji ku-praise msee alishawahi kufika mbali kwa music industry ya Kenya… mimi na feel E-sir alini-inspire sana na anafaa kuchukuliwa kama yeye ndo bazenga, juu alisumbua mpaka huku Nigeria, Tanzania si Kenya tu” said Nelly the Goon.

The collaboration come at a time when Kenyans on Twitter have been comparing Trio Mio to the late E-sir.

Why actor Omosh was trending at Number One On Twitter again

On Friday, Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) made actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh a trending topic out of excitement after he was featured in a comedy skit by one Steven Oduor Dede alias DJ Shiti.

KOT joined forces to applaud the former Tahidi High actor for picking up his pieces and going back to what he does best ‘acting’.

Omosh was trending at number one of Twitter (Friday morning), with everyone trying hard, his or her congratulatory message reaches the actor.

The DJ Shiti and Omosh Kizangila’s comedy skit “Omosh Kizangila Is Back part 1” is already trending at number 2 on YouTube with over 275K views, 13K likes, and over 1.3K comments, just hours after being released.

A happy DJ Shiti said that he was going to overturn Zuchu, who is currently holding the number one spot on YouTube.

“Hivi ndiyo Naangalia Official Zuchu hapo juu yangu... but by morning Najua Tuko hapooooo..... Thank you so much #Kenyans for your support @omosh_kizaangila 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣” wrote DJ Shiti.

DJ Shiti made the announcement of working with Omosh on July 6th 2021, and act that excited a good number of Kenyans.

Maureen Waititu flaunts Sh18,000 gown during 15-course dinner date

Popular content creator and influencer Maureen Waititu is on vacation in Colombia where she is enjoying the finer things in life alongside her new boyfriend.

On Thursday evening, July 8, the two love birds went out on a date at the El Cielo Hotel where Maureen showed up in a glamorous golden gown.

According to T.J collections the suppliers of the outfit, the gown costs a whooping Sh18,000 and comes in sizes 6 to 16.

The date night at the high-end hotel in Colombia had the couple enjoying creative cuisines in addition to champagne, Italian wine and a 15 course meal.

“A whole experience with their 15-course meal running from starters to desserts. Couldn’t make it past the 12th one though! The combination of tastes, textures, smells was one to never forget!” she celebrated.

Previous guests at the hotel have described the dining experience as a feast for the senses, and well worth the high price.

Last weekend, Ms Waititu put up photos holding hands with her new man, alerting her Instagram in-laws that she is living her best life in Colombia, full of love.

Ms Waititu’s post excited a good number of fans and followers and many could not help but gush over the YouTuber with lovely comments. However, despite the YouTuber revealing that she is in love, the face of her man remains hidden for now.

Waititu went public with her new Man on February 14, at a time she was being treated to a Valentine’s Day surprise.

Kamene Goro over the moon as she hits 1 Million followers on Instagram

Media Personality Kamene Goro joined the growing list of Kenyan Celebrities with over 1 million followers on Instagram.

The Kiss 100 Presenter took to the photo sharing platform to thank her fans and followers for showing her love and keeping up with his page hence the huge social media following.

“Where do I even start???

You are My Army! I am only as strong as all of you have made me. To the next level, The Next Steps! Watch This Space.....I have something amazing coming!

Sasa let's go celebrate pale @the_uptown_local come one come all!” shared Kamene Goro.

Kamene’s new milestone, attracted lots of congratulatory messages from fellow celebrities and her Insta-family.

In this generation Instagram numbers is something to be proud of, as people with huge numbers are used to influence and advertise products by companies. Advertisers who want their products and services to reach as many people as it is possible, will always approach people with a huge following and that translates into money.

Our tradition allows polygamy - Citizen TV's Stephen Letoo after breakup with Baby Mama

Citizen TV senior reporter Stephen Letoo has reportedly parted ways with his baby mama Winnie Nadupoi.

Reports of their breakup were triggered after Leto flew to Mombasa to celebrate his birthday without Winnie and deleted her photos from his Instagram.

He also wished his son a happy birthday without tagging her in the post saying “Son, you continue growing like a warrior at 2. The red and choking beads on your neck tell the story of Leyian Santino Letoo..an inspiring young pastoralist determined to spear the skies.

“As you turn 2 years my best friend, I pray that the almighty becomes your shield and defender. One more assignment to go Eyden..a lion awaits you..skin it alive because you are a warrior like your father...Happy Birthday Son.”

Sources privy to the situation told Pulse Live that the two were no longer an item, with Letoo posting a cryptic message on Facebook.

July has indeed kicked in as a heartbreak season, coming in the backdrop of Nick Ndeda and Muthoni’s bombshell.

“Our African tradition allows polygamy. Let us all embrace it,” Letoo posted on Facebook after reports of the breakup started circulating.

Zari’s reaction after daughter Tiffah said she still Loves Diamond

South Africa based Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan put up a video capturing her reaction after daughter Tiffah Dangote, said that she (Zari) is still in love with her father Diamond Platnumz.

On Tuesday, Zari shared a number of short videos via her daughter’s Instagram account and one of them left her in shock after Tiffah said she still loves Diamond.

Ms Hassan was quick to dismiss the claims, branding Tiffah as a cute little liar who was misleading her followers.

In a quick rejoinder Zari replied “No, It’s not true, that’s not true talk about something else. You are such a cute little liar. Say good night to the people because you are talking too much.

Tiffah went on to say; Papa is crazy; let me tell you what papa did” before she was interrupted by her mother.

In an another video, Tiffah said that she made a card for her Dad while at school; "I made a card for my Dad, but I lost it... I took like 40 hours, I made it at school with Papa’s colouring. We coloured nicely”,

“But we have your papa’s card here, will give it to him some day, the one you di for father’s day, I kept it; Zari interjected.

This come days after Zari hinted that she had ended her relationship with Dark Stallion, the man she introduced as her lover in 2021.

A cross check done by Pulse Live indicates that Ms Hassan has deleted all the photos she ever took with her new man, something that has left many of fans worried.

In a cryptic message, Ms Hassan insinuated that she had to let him go because they were not building each other in any way.

“I miss him, but I had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me I won’t Keep it” reads Zari Hassan message that has left a section of her fans with questions.

I predicted my pregnancy 3 years ago- Vera Sidika

Socialite and Businesswoman Vera Sidika has revealed that she predicted her pregnancy about three years ago, as she strongly believes in the power of manifestation.

In a 17-minutes video shared on YouTube, Ms Sidika said that she is currently 22 weeks pregnant.

“Remember when I first did my first music video…I had just come from a really bad breakup and I remember very well at the end of the video, I remembering telling the director to put like a random number like 3 years’ year later, am happily married and I’m pregnant. That was on November 10, 2018. That exactly three years ago and guess what my due date is on 5th November 2021. If you do your maths right, that exactly three years later. How powerful is the power of manifestation guys.

It like I prophesied my entire pregnancy and my life, right now it three years later and am happily married and I’m pregnant. That’s exactly what I said three years ago in my Nalia video” explained Vera Sidika.

In the video, Sidika said that she is rooting for a baby girl, ahead of their gender reveal party scheduled for July 10, 2021.

Gender reveal party on 10th, July 2021. Private location, Karen Nairobi, invites only” shared Vera Sidika.

WCB’s Lava Lava hits new YouTube Milestone & he is over the Moon

WCB signee Abdul Juma Idd aka Lava Lava has joined the list of musicians in East Africa with over 1 million YouTube subscribers and he is happy about it.

With the new milestone, Lava will be awarded the YouTube Gold Creator Award popularly known as Golden Plaque, by the YouTube Management.

On Tuesday (Night), WCB Wasafi shared the good news of Lava Lava surpassing the 1 million subscribers mark on the streaming platform.

he record label also appreciated their fans for always supporting their artistes and subscribing to their YouTube channels.

“Congratulations Mr Love Bite @iamlavalava

You have 1,000,000 Subscribers on @youtube Keep Enjoying @iamlavalava’s Videos On Youtube 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #Swahilination #wcb4lifereads the message form Wasafi.

Lava Lava was signed by the Diamond Platnumz owned record label on May 22nd 2017, releasing his first single Tuachane.

DJ Moz opens up on his Vasectomy

Radio and TV host Moses Kimathi Mathenge alias DJ Moz of the Kubamba Crew DJs has opened up on why he chose to get a vasectomy.

In a candid conversation on contraception on Tuesday, the Gospel DJ stated that it was a decision arrived at after numerous discussions with his wife.

DJ Moz stated that he and the mother of his three children opted for the family planning method after the contraception method they had been using began affecting his wife adversely.

"I'm married and I have been for 13 years. The reality is that, the burden of family planning had always been on my wife. Na pia mimi nilikuwa ule msee wa CD haibambi (To be truthful I also didn't enjoy using a condom), not that there is anything wrong with using a condom for contraception.

"My wife had been on the pill for the longest time and it was also not good for her and I knew it was affecting her. She and I had this [family planning] conversation from time to time and we had agreed that it had to stop. We had come to the point where we now had three kids and the cycle had to stop... So vasectomy became an option," DJ Moz narrated.

The topic of vasectomies was trending on Twitter for the most part of the day on Tuesday as actor and radio presenter Nick Ndenda issued a statement on his elective vasectomy.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Nick said that Muthoni did not make him undergo the procedure after many Kenyans trolled him after their break up.

“One final thing on this matter, I did not get a vasectomy for her. I did that for me because I also do not want kids. Any other questions, not up for debate or discussion,” the post read.

Nick went on to clarify that he had made the decision not to have children as a 17-year-old and had never reconsidered, even confirming to his mother not to expect grandchildren from him.

Mulamwah reveals he pays Sh9K rent, talks gender reveal for his unborn child

Fast-rising comedian David Oyando aka Mulamwah is out here keeping it real with his fans, when it comes to how he lives his life.

In a Q&A session, a curious fans wanted to know the amount of money the comedian pays as his rent and he was open enough to share with them his receipts.

The funnyman noted that he pays Sh9K for his house rent, advising his peers to always live within their means, with zero pressure of wanting to impress the world.

“Unalipa Nyumba doo Ngapi” asked a fan

Mulamwah reoplied; “9K TU.

Gender Reveal

Another fan wanted to know if the comedian already knows the gender of his unborn baby.

A boy or a girl?

Mulamwah said “Weh, Sijaua, we have the results but we haven’t opened”.

When is Carol’s gender reveal party?

Reply “Weh, soon but we don’t like parties”.

US based Kenyan DJ Shinski proposes to longtime girlfriend DJ Mochi

US-Based Kenyan DJ Shinski is officially off the market after proposing to his longtime girlfriend, DJ Mochi Baybee and it was a big YES.

The two lovebirds who are both based in the US, took their relationship to the next level during a Boat Party that they were 'mixing' at over the weekend.

An excited Mochi shared the good news, stating that she is happy to be spending the rest of her life with someone she loves and adores so much.

Mochi also expressed her gratitude towards all their friends who turned up to witness the proposal.

“I can't believe a lot of you got to witness this beautiful proposal. Wow, you outdid yourself FINEYONCE!!! Too much raw emotions but I'm at peace knowing that I'll be doing this thing called life with my best friend @djshinski

It's even special at the right time. GOD'S TIME. Thank you all for your kind words. You're a family to us and we truly appreciate you all” shared DJ Mochi.

On the other hand, a thankful DJ Shinski also put up photos captured from the surprise proposal, saying he is happy to have found someone to spend the rest of my life with.

“She said yes!! 💍

Thank you all for the well wishes and congratulations messages. I'm so happy to have found someone to spend the rest of my life with @mochibaybee” wrote DJ Shinski.

Willis Raburu & new girlfriend welcome new born into their family

Citizen TV presenter and news anchor Willis Raburu and his girlfriend Ivy Namu have welcomed a new born baby into their family.

On Monday, Raburu took to his Insta-stories to share a photo of a new born baby holding his hand; accompanied with Elevation Worship and Maverick City's song Million Little Miracles.

Before sharing the photo, an excited Raburu had shared a series of thanks giving messages and songs via his Insta-stories.

The good news of Willis Raburu’s girlfriend safe delivery come weeks after the two help an invite only Baby shower.

The two have been dating low-key, with only a few people aware of their relationship that has been kept away from the public.

Jalang'o helps Nitakufinya duo land lucrative advertising deal

Musyoka and Matendechere of the Nitakufinya craze that has gone viral have finally met for the first time since the video was recorded in an interview with Jalang’o.

Speaking during an interview on his YouTube channel, Jalang’o revealed that the two would receive brand new motorcycles each.

He also announced that he had secured a deal with a local maize flour miller in which the two would feature.

Musyoka and Matendechere are set to be included in an advertisement commissioned by the firm.

The lucrative deal is a welcome deal for Matendechere who is a family man with two wives and nine children.

Musyoka will also have a relief from his tiring work in Mukuru kwa Njenga slums where he helps pull water vending carts.

The duo has also appealed to Kenyans who have used their viral clip for commercial purposes to consider sharing the income with them.

Zari raises eyebrows as she deletes all photos with new man 'Dark Stallion'

South Africa based Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan has raised eyebrows among her 9.3 million followers’ after putting up a cryptic message, that has now been linked to her new relationship.

A cross check done by Pulse Live indicates that Ms Hassan has deleted all the photos she ever took with her new man identified as Dark Stallion, something that has left many of fans worried.

In her cryptic message, Ms Hassan insinuated that she had to let him go because they were not building each other in any way.

“I miss him, but I had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me I won’t Keep it” reads Zari Hassan message that has left a section of her fans with questions.

Zari unveiled the face of her new man on February 14, after months of keeping him away from the public eye. That was the first time, netizens were having a clear look at Zari’s “Dark Stallion” as all the previous photos had been captured strategically to hide his face.

Hamisa Mobetto’s message to Tanasha Donna as she turns 26

Tanzanian video vixen and Fashionpreneur Hamisa Mobetto penned down a short and 'sweet' message to Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna at a time she was turning a year older.

Ms Mobetto took to her Insta-stories to celebrate Tanasha Donna, by sharing her photo with a beautiful caption.

“Happy Birthday Baby T @TanashaDonna Nakupenda sana” reads Hamisa’s message to Ms Donna.

Upon seeing Mobetto’s message, Donna replied “Love you more Hamisa”.

Nick Ndeda confirms vasectomy claims after publicised break up

The former Kiss 100 presenter also addressed claims that he was being manipulated by his ex-girlfriend.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Nick said that Muthoni did not make him undergo the procedure after many Kenyans trolled him after their break up.

“One final thing on this matter, I did not get a vasectomy for her. I did that for me because I also do not want kids. Any other questions, not up for debate or discussion,” the post read.

Vasectomy is a minor surgery that men procure to bar them from siring children. In a past vlog on YouTube, the two revealed that they did not intend to have children.

Nick said he made the decision at 17 year old and has never reconsidered, even confirming to his mother not to expect grandchildren from him.


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