Inspekta Mwala actor and Radio Citizen Presenter Abdi Munai aka Munai General is appealing for financial help to clear his medical bills after being involved in a grisly road accident.

Munai mentioned that he underwent 5 surgeries following the accident, an act that pushed his hospital bills past his medical cover.

“Munai General alias Abdi was involved in a road accident, his medical Billis have exceeded his medical cover, we are appealing to raise Ksh 2.5 to offset the excess on the medical cover. Feeling Philanthropic? You can contribute whatever you can through his wife Anne Zephania- 0705059180. May God Bless You” reads the Medical appeal.

Radio Citizen Presenter Abdi Munai
Radio Citizen Presenter Abdi Munai

Radio Citizen's Selly Kadot Amutabi who have been holding it down for Munai as he recovers, also put up a post that says; “In support of my partner in crime @abdimunai That's why he has been MIA. Your support will go a long way. God bless!”.

In a separate post, Munai said that he is currently recuperating at home, thanking fans who have supported him all along.

“Nilikuwa involved kwa accident na kuna wengine walikuwa wananipigia Msimu wanashangaa kulienda aje? So far niko discharged na nashukurua sana watu wote ambao waliniombea, kuna wale pia mchango walinitumia juu enyewe bill pia ilikuja ikakuwa mingi juu ya Surgery kama tano. Atleast sai nimekuwa discharged mambo ingine tutasort nikiwa huku nje, ningependa kushukuru fans wote na mungu awabariki” said Munai after beinbg discharged.

Radio Citizen Presenter Abdi Munai
Radio Citizen Presenter Abdi Munai

mwana_wa_mumbeere “Quick recovery general”

spartanbreezy254 “Get well soon munai”

dufladiligonPole bro 😭 Quick Recovery Brother🙏🏿”

emelda.queens “Quick recovery in Jesus name”

gerry_trump “Pole sana.. Mungu atuepushe mbali na mwovu shetani”

kimathidouglas1 “Get well quickly my favourite radio guy..”

ngetich_tarno “Quick recovery abdi”