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Radio Jambo presenter Lion Deh hospitalized, appeals for blood donation

Kindly assist and keep him in your prayers – Mbusii said

Mbusii and Lion. Radio Jambo presenter Lion Deh hospitalized, appeals for blood donation

Kenyan media personality and radio Jambo’s reggae host Lion Deh has been hospitalized at the Kamarock Modern Hospital.

The radio presenter’s hospitalization was made public by his co-host Daniel Mwangi alias Mbusii - appealing for urgent blood donation to help his friend.

According to information shared by Mbusii, his colleague is battling, severe Anaemia and in need of blood group O-positive.

"Urgent medical appeal, Lion Deh has been admitted to hospital with severe Anaemia and requires blood donation, blood group o -positive @ Komarock Modern Hospital Utawala... kindly assist and keep him in your prayers," reads the announcement from Mbusii.


Mayo Clinic – defines Anaemia as a condition in which the blood doesn't have enough healthy red blood cells or dysfunctional red blood cells in the body.

This leads to reduced oxygen flow to the body's organs and some of the symptoms of someone suffering Anaemia include; fatigue, skin pallor, shortness of breath, light-headedness, dizziness or a fast heartbeat.

Fans and follower’s of Teke Teke on radio Jambo joined the conversation wishing Lion a quick recovery.


Mbusi Na Lion Teke Teke

Mbusii and Lion have been working together for some time now. They started off at Ghetto Radio and when Mbusii was poached to join Radio Africa Group, he tagged along his friend Lion.

In October 2020 while appearing on Jessy Junction, Mbusii disclosed that when the opportunity to join Radio Jambo presented itself, he first approached his then co-host Bonoko who declined to move.

He then informed Lion (his currently Co-host), who was willing to risk it all and try on a new challenge at Radio Jambo.


“Ukishapata greener pastures, huwezi kaa tu pahali, na hakuna mtu sikuambia Gheto Radio kwamba naenda. Na nilikuwa nawaambia wamesema niende na mtu tunaeza fanya kazi na yeye.

“Mtu wa kwanza alikuwa Bonoko, but yeye akasema yeye ako home…pia nilitaka niende na Dj niintrodice DJ huko. So Mtu alikubali ni Lion na hapo ndo tukaenda. Sio ati ni kwa ubaya nilitoka Ghetto, Ghetto ni Home, walinijenga for 8 years. Sisi bado ni mabeshte,” said Mbusii.


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