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Rapper Stevo Simple Boy reveals highest amount he has made in his career

Simple Boy has since built a house for his parents in the village.

Stevo Simple Boy

Musician Stevo Simple Boy has revealed how an advertising deal enabled him to construct a house for his parents in their rural area.

In an interview on Iko Nini podcast, the fast-rising rapper said the most cash he has made in his career was while under Made in Kibra management, he secured a role in a betting company's advert which saw him pocket a whopping Sh500,000 - money he said he spent for his parents’ welfare.

“While at made in Kibra I got half a million from a commercial I did... I spent the money to build my parents a decent home back in the village,” Stevo said.

The advert sent social media into a frenzy with netizens praising Stivo Simple Boy for bouncing back despite the trolls he received when he joined the entertainment industry.


Simple boy, who is now under a different management, said the rumours that his previous management was mistreating him were fueled by haters who ,according to him, were not happy that he was rising fast in the music industry.

The Freshi barida hitmaker said success in the creative industry was guaranteed if one was organised and did not remain humble.

Simple Boy said his music is inspired by the need to send a positive message to the society, a style he said he borrowed from Tanzanian rapper, Professor Jay.


On the plan to bring his freshi barida brand soft drink to life, the rapper said plans were in the pipeline to make the brand as big as possible.

In May 2022, the singer’s management trademarked the tag Freshi Barida which meant the slogan is legally owned by the artist alone.

"The 'freshi barida' slogan has finally been trademarked under Stevo Simple boy's name and he now owns the exclusive rights for the use of this slogan as per legal authorities.


“Any use of the slogan in advertisements or promotion of products, events or for any other commercial purpose without notice will lead to legal charges as per the authority agreement,” a statement from MIB read.


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