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Gengetone star Rekles accused of conning upcoming artist Sh150,000

Remcy Don says he was to pay Rekles Sh200K

Gengetone star Rekles

During an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, upcoming artist Remcy Don shared a story of how he was allegedly conned out of his money by Gengetone star Rekles, despite agreeing to collaborate and produce a song together.

According to Remcy, who is still new to the music industry, a friend advised him to feature another artist in his songs, leading to his introduction to Rekles.

However, Rekles requested a deposit of Sh100K before proceeding with the collaboration.


Rekles eventually showed up at the studio and recorded an audio with Remcy. After receiving the payment, he assured Remcy that they would arrange for the video shoot whenever Remcy was ready.

A week before the scheduled shoot, Remcy contacted Rekles, who requested an additional payment of Sh50K before agreeing to show up for the shoot.

Surprisingly, Rekles advised Remcy to begin shooting his scenes prior to his arrival on the day of the shoot.


Remcy proceeded with the preparations for the shoot, and around 10 am, he contacted Rekles once again, this time requesting transportation assistance to reach the location.

With everything already arranged and only Rekles missing, Remcy had no other option but to send him the money for transportation.

After some time, Remcy called Rekles again, and the Gengetone star assured him that he was on his way, explaining that he had been delayed due to traffic.


Remcy attempted to call Rekles once again, but to his dismay, he discovered that Rekles' phone was unreachable. He assumed it could be a network issue causing the problem.

To summarize the story, Rekles never showed up for the shoot and even went as far as blocking Remcy, making it impossible for Remcy to contact him.

Remcy strongly condemned Rekles' actions, emphasizing that such behavior was unjustifiable.

As an upcoming artist, Remcy expressed his disappointment, highlighting that Rekles was unaware of the efforts he had made to acquire the money.


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