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Why Crystal Asige is suing boy band, Sauti Sol


Musician Crystal Asige has taken renowned boy band members of Sauti Sol to court over what she termed as a breach of contract.

The nominated Senator now wants the court to impel the band members to disclose how much they have received from hit songs 'Lenga', 'Extravaganza', 'Ukiwa Mbali', intro and 'Favourite' Song from 2019 which she was involved in producing.

The former signee of Sol Generation Records Limited is also urging the court to order Sauti Sol to compensate her for her involvement in the songs she was part of.

Asige is also seeking orders that they deliver all licensing information on the songs she is disgruntled about.

The plaintiff has sued Sol Generation Records Limited, Bien-Aime Baraza, Polycarp Otieno, Willis Chimano, Delvin Mudigi, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Kenya.

According to the songwriter, sometime in 2018 while living in Mombasa Bien Baraza asked her to join Sol Generation Records in order to write and produce a song.

“While under the first defendant’s record label, the plaintiff co-composed and performed on the widely known recordings 'Extravaganza' and 'Ukiwa Mbali' together with the second to fifth defendants, and her then label mates, professionally known as Bensoul, Nviiri the Story Teller and the group Kaskazini in 2019 and her contribution was credited as such,” she claims.

Asige also claims that she arranged and performed background vocals on Bensoul’s song, 'Favourite' in 2019 which she has not profited from.

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) nominated senator says she composed her own sound recording titled 'Lenga' allegedly released exclusively on KLM’s Facebook platform and that the deal between the airline and Sol Generation went down behind her back.

Former NRG radio presenter Chebet Ronoh is proud of her body and is not ashamed of sharing it.

Rono who has been subject to online trolls in the past, shared a bikini post expressing confidence in her body.

“I think natural features are beautiful,” read the caption on her post.

The comment by Ronoh attracted positive reactions from her fans and other personalities who praised her beauty and confidence.

The influencer has had an inspiring journey in weight loss that has seen her shed off excess weight.

The journey to her current body was not easy as she had to deal with online bullies who hurled derogatory remarks regarding to her.

Ronoh started as a radio presenter on NRG before she left and joined HomeBoyz Radio where she left after a week.

Nyota Ndogo has won the hearts of her fans after a video of her went out turning down an expensive gift from her mzungu lover.

In the video, the two were in an undisclosed location having snacks with her husband Henning Nielsen browsing through the internet when Nyota intercepts by asking what he is looking for.

The answer she gets from Nielsen is shocking and she appears struck by what he says he is looking for. Nielsen who has been together with Nyota Ndogo for six years said he was looking for iPhone 14 meant for her.

"I am looking for you an iPhone 14," he said.

Nyota makes it straight on his face that she does not want an iPhone 14 saying she already has an iPhone 11 which she is comfortable with.

The 'Nibebe' hitmaker however offered to be gifted a different gift by her lover.

"Who said I want iPhone 14? I do not want an iPhone 14. But I never asked for a phone. Do you know what I want? we can buy land in Kenya and build a restaurant so that when you retire, you do not come to Kenya and suffer because we have our own restaurant," she said in part of the conversation.

Although Nielsen did not shut down her request, he included the phone on top of her proposal to have the restaurant.

Jovial has expressed her displeasure at a delivery guy who tried shooting his shot at her in the middle of the night after making a delivery.

The musician told off the rider who she said introduced himself to her as a fan saying she was not interested in the night calls.

According to Jovial, the fan had been calling her saying he wanted to check on her. She said she did not want to sound rude but asked the admirer to respect her private life saying her close friends know how much she values it.

"I order food from you, you deliver and you tell me you are a fan. I appreciate. Aah! Simu za usiku tena (night phone calls)? Kila saa simu, nilitaka kukujulia hali (I wanted to check on you) bruh, I dont want to be rude, wacha bwana.

"Respect people's privacy. I love my space, watu wangu wa karibu wanajua (my close friends know)," she wrote on her insta stories which she has since deleted.

Comedian Eric Omondi has opened out on the talk he had with Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino after meeting him in Parliament.

The comedian has been pushing for the bill that seeks to have 75% of Kenyan music played in our local media houses.

According to Eric, the two talked more about his much-publicized play 75% of Kenyan music content which seeks to support the creative and entertainment industry.

He said the final touches are being done on the bill in readiness for tabling on the floor of Parliament after engaging in a lengthy talk with the legislator.

The rib cracker shared a clip of him with the member of parliament outside the Parliament buildings having a talk which he said were works on the last touches of the bill.

He said that the bill will be ready to hit the legislative house on Tuesday, November 1 adding it is a journey that has to reach its end. He oozed confidence that the bill will be passed by the MPs signed by the President into law.

"Today at Parliament buildings with Hon. Babu Owino working on the last touches for next week Tuesday. Next week Tuesday we will be tabling the Bill in Parliament officially. It's a Journey but we will get there. The MPs will pass the Bill and the President will sign it into Law," Omondi said.

Kenyan private detective Jane Mugo has sensationally opened out on why she terminated an engagement with a man who had asked for her hand in marriage.

In July 2022 Mugo shared with her friends and fans that she had been engaged to a man and was ready to settle any time in marriage.

After posting that she had been engaged, she received congratulatory messages from friends, followers, and family for her newfound love.

But that was not all as she says she received disturbing messages from four ladies who expressed their bitterness as a result of having been engaged by her newfound suitor.

"When I posted about my engagement in July, I received congratulatory messages from my followers, media streams enemies, family, and friends. Mad respect you all. The same day I received DM (disturbing SMS) and photos from Four women," she said.

"They were all bitter because this guy had played them online and promised marriage with the fact that he was outside Kenya," she added.

According to Mugo, the ladies were from four different places namely the USA, Pokot, Kitale, and Kisumu.

All this was happening at a time when she was in the hospital after she had been kidnapped while headed for Nairobi from Bungoma.

Socialite Amber Ray has clarified reports that she has gotten engaged to her lover Kennedy Rapudo.

This is after photos of Ray and Rapudo emerged online in what seemed like a ceremony signaling the formal engagement of the two.

In a social media post, Amber Ray thanked all her fans and friends for the congratulatory messages but said that the ceremony was not an engagement but a notification to their parents to make them aware of their relationship.

“Thank you all for the warm messages but, as usual….bloggers wamewatupanisha😅 it wasn’t an engagement but an introduction (for parents to know that we are dating) which is a huge step for us🥳…Ebu muwache kutuharakishia 🤣🤣🤣 we are just taking a day at a time🥰 and honestly I’m enjoying every bit of it @kennedyrapudo I’m so happy I’m going through this journey with you,” she said.

In an earlier post, Amber Ray praised their relationship noting the two were meant for each other and that they had the strength to hold their relationship together forever.

“We are rare and beautiful people; We have delightful attributes, Like competence and intelligence, And what’s more, lots of cutes! We have mental strength and character To guide us on our way;

"People see this strength in us. So let’s celebrate this day, Because, without it, we are not. My darling, wonderful you, the best thing that’s happened to me yet!” Amber wrote.

The ceremony by the two love birds confirmed the speculations that they were back together months after they announced parting ways.

Influencer Risper Faith after being busted for stealing content that she shares has told off her critics, saying that she is not apologetic.

Risper recently shared a photo where she had donned a maroon cloak coat which turned out to have been photoshopped from a different social media user based in the US.

The photo shared by Risper was uploaded by the American model in 2016 and has ended up being used by Risper years later.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Risper said what she did was normal and that had the original owner of the photo wanted it not used by the public then she should have kept it private.

“Yes I did photoshop it, it's not that I can't afford these things, I just want my Instagram to look good. Everybody on Instagram is faking it,” she noted.

“Does Instagram have regulations that you must have original content, why haven’t they flagged my post till now?” Risper retorted.

The bubbly influencer said the ‘fake’ posts she was making were manifestations of what she wanted in her life and that she was not going to stop.

“I am not stopping, I don’t care, I will even photoshop myself on Beyonce’s body, that’s my happiness,” Risper said.

Amid speculation on the identity of the woman at the center of his pregnancy video, comedian Eddie Butita has set the record straight that actress Brenda Wairimu is not the female actress who is pregnant for him.

Butita sent tongues wagging after posting a video caressing an unidentified woman’s belly with the caption that read:

“No words can explain this… 2 has always been my lucky number and 2022 has three twos. Is it a boy or a girl? See you on Monday ❤️❤️❤️”.

The comedian insisted that he is serious with the news about the pregnancy, adding that it is not a clout-chasing move.

In an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Butita insisted that the woman in the woman in the video is indeed is his wife but declined to reveal her identity.

He only gave a hint that the lady in question is an actress with the letter “A” in her first name but confirmed that it is not Brenda Wairimu who has a daughter with rapper Juliani.

Brenda Wairumu?” Ankali Ray asked, taking a guess at the identity of the woman who is reportedly pregnant for the comedian to which Butita responded Hapana Ndugu yangu (no my brother)”.

He added that the lady in the video is his wife who is seven months pregnant and a gender-reveal party will be held next Monday.


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