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Atlanta-based Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee is the newest owner of a six-bedroom mansion in Florida, United States - all thanks to her fiancé Rotimi.

In an interview with Tanzania’s award-winning journalist Lil Ommy, Ms Mdee disclosed that Rotimi gifted her the new mansion as this year’s Valentine’s Day gift.

The house is worth $500, 000 (Sh56, 850, 000), and located next to Disney World.

How did you two celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day? asked Lil Ommy.

Vanessa replied with an affirmation that their Valentine’s Day was awesome, as she got the biggest surprise ever, - a house.

“Valentine’s day was amazing, but we don’t really celebrate Valentine's because we love people every day. But this year was bigger valentines for me, because he bought me a brand new house. It’s a brand new house in Florida, 6-bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, exclusive area, and it costs half a million dollars $500, 00. And it’s under my name, so I’m the rightful house owner in the US,” said Vanessa Mdee.

Mdee mentioned that they will use the new mansion as an investment property in the fact that it's located in Florida, yet they live in Atlanta Georgia.

"We gonna use it as an investment property, and its located right next to the Disney World,” said a happy Vanessa Mdee.

The drama involving comedian and actor Steven Oduor Dede 'DJ Shiti' and his baby mama has taken a twist, after weeks of airing their dirty linen in public.

On Thursday night, Faiza Hussein made it public that she had decided to hand over her daughter to her father. It is not immediately clear what their previous custody arrangement had been.

Ms Hussein said that she had no intentions of giving up on her daughter, but that the move had been important for her wellbeing.

Her statement did not indicate whether she intended to seek visitation rights or whether the two would share custody of their daughter.

“I had no intentions whatsoever to ever give up on my daughter but whatever I have been through, I have decided to give the father his kid. This is very tough but a necessity.

"I just hope that she grows into an amazing human and may she forever know that this decision is out of my love for her,” reads a statement from Faiza Hussein.

In a separate post, Faiza shared that she has been battling depression. She went on to deleted all posts from her Instagram pages.

“Depression is real,” wrote Faiza.

DJ Shiti

Making light of the otherwise unfortunate incident, DJ Shiti shared a photo posing with his daughter, as he welcomed her into his blended family.

“Twende zetu waingo, Mariam Auma sister ya Alvin Dede. Ukakule ma Sh150 (Never mind, let's go home Mariam Auma, sister to Alvin Dede. You'll enjoy more Sh150),” shared DJ Shiti.

The drama surrounding the much-publicized breakup between Mulamwah and his ex-girlfriend Caroline Muthoni is far from over, after the comedian emerged with fresh allegations against Sonie.

In a video seen by this writer, Mulamwah claims that Sonie attempted to terminate a pregnancy at three months.

He mentioned that he has tried to avoid airing their dirty linen in public, but felt attacked by his baby mama on interviews - claiming she is painting him as a bad person.

“Sisi wanaume huwa tunaonekana wabaya sana kwa hizi mambo za relationship because we don’t always speak kuprotect watu tunapenda and things that we care about. But inafika mahali kwa sababu people keep talking. Your other spouse keeps talking, and that makes you look bad.

“So it reaches a point as a man you also have to speak your truth. People don’t know what really happened. That baby (Keilah) that you see being carried around, do you even know her mother attempted to abort her at three months. She had already taken pills and I found out too late that she had taken abortion pills. I went to the hospital, used a lot of money to sustain the pregnancy to term," Mulamwah narrated.

Adding that: "So don’t think people just make decisions easily. And we keep quiet to protect a lot but when the other party keeps talking, it forces us to all defend ourselves.”

Mulamwah also accused Sonie going behind his back to seek family planning services in the company of another man.

Mulamwah’s inflammatory remarks followed an earlier statement that he no longer sees his daughter Keilah Oyando as much as he would like, alleging that his ex-girlfriend Caroline Muthoni (Sonie) has denied him access.

However, Sonie has refuted the allegations with her own claim that during Mulamwah's last visit, Keilah was two months old.

Details of former KTN news anchor Louis Otieno's private life are peering into the public domain following a strongly worded statement from South Africa-based, Kenyan screenwriter Silas Miami.

Miami, the retired journalist's biological son, has unequivocally refused to be associated in any way to Louis, saying that they share no relationship aside from paternity.

Writing to NTV journalist James Smart, Silas also asked Kenyan media to desist from associating them in reports, disclosing that Otieno had also been clear in his dissociation to Silas and his mother.

The screenwriter stated that Otieno had hurt him in unthinkable ways.

“In fact, for years [only] a handful people knew he was my biological father… Louis made it abundantly clear that he wanted nothing to do with me. I struggled with it, it hurt me in unthinkable ways. Thankfully the trauma therapy and years of unlearning survival mode have gotten me to a place of acceptance and healing,” Silas said in part.

He went on to acknowledge that Otieno might have been an inspiration to a lot of people, but to him, he had been a father who never cared.

Miami who is based in Amsterderm also disclosed that he has only met his biological dad thrice in his entire life.

WCB President Diamond Platnumz has come under heavy criticism for displaying Confederate flags in his new music video.

The flags were first pointed out by Tanzanian rapper Wakazi, who asked the musician to edit out the scene which risks a backlash from Diamond's American fans and allies.

Confederate flags have been associated with oppressors of the black people of the United States, and Platnumz having them displayed in his video makes him appear as an advocate.

In one of the scenes on the Gidi music video, Diamond is dressed as a cowboy with two of the Confederate flags hanging over him as he dances.

In his message, Wakazi who is among renowned opinion shapers in Tanzania, advised Chibu Dangote to do away with the scene.

He also raised the question of whether Diamond had been aware of the disparaging symbolism of the flags or they had been sinisterly added without his knowledge.

Wakazi further asked African artistes to get well-acquainted with the cultures of the world before borrowing from them in their art. He acknowledged it as a good way to appeal to a larger audience but cautioned that such slip-ups may be counterproductive.

Comedian Nick Chege alias Kartelo has addressed his alleged fallout with comedian and media personality Chipukeezy, with a revelation that they are no longer in touch.

The two were known to be good friends and even co-hosted a show together on both Ebru TV and TV 47, but their appearances together reduced drastically, raising eyebrows among their fans.

“We don’t talk nowadays, so I was not even aware when he came back from the US. We don’t talk or work together anymore. These things do happen. Ni issues tu za watu. But we are not on good terms, I will not go into the details.

"But I respect him very much because he has helped me a lot, and in the process, we have also helped each other, we passed through a lot together. So out of that respect, I can’t even beef with him," Kartelo revealed.

Kartelo went on to state that he was willing to iron out their differences in a sit-down cautioning that he was not ready as yet.

“Bado tu kuna vitu ziliendelea zenye zilifanya hatubongi na hatuskizani (What happened between us is why we can't speak to-date and we can't see eye-to-eye),” he said.

However, Kartelo failed to rule out the possibility of ever working with Chipukeezy again in the future.

He also mentioned that Chipukeezy has tried to reach him, regretting that he is not ready to link up with him.

Empowerment Christian Church preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha, has for the first time disclosed how she met her hubby Prophet Stanley Carmel who hails from India.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Rev. Natasha revealed that Carmel 'slid into her DM' after watching a video of her preaching.

“It all started in an interesting way, he sent me a DM [direct messaging] on Instagram,” revealed Rev. Lucy Natasha.

Prophet Carmel confirmed Rev. Lucy Natasha’s recollection with a confession that he had watched a video of her and immediately felt a spark within him.

During the conversation, Prophet Carmel noted that he camped in the DM talking to himself for some time before getting a reply from Rev. Natasha.

“It was like I was talking to myself because she is followed by almost a million people, but I did not lose hope,” Carmel said.

Rev. Natasha interjected with an explanation that she had found her now-husband's determination endearing.

“I bumped into the DMs after some time, but one thing I love about my hubby was his persistence. He kept sending me – not love messages, but more of I cover you, I pray for you [messages] because we had different outreaches, traveling different parts of the world.

"He kept saying I love the work that you do and I kept wondering who is this handsome India pastor. I checked him out because his messages were so consistent. Initially, I never thought that it would be a relationship,” the City preacher explained.

According to Natasha, they met in person for the first time in Dallas - Texas, USA.

Former Machakos First Lady Lillian Nganga has announced that she is planning to release an autobiography, giving a glimpse into her life.

Nganga said that she felt compelled to tell her story due to the public misconception about her life.

“I am delighted to give you a sneak peek of something special I have been working on for the last two months,” she said.

She explained that the book will cover aspects of her life before fame, during her stint as Governor Alfred Mutua’s wife and how they separated.

“This mini-memoir that I cherish is a book about owning my story, taking control of the narrative and telling my truth.

“From being catapulted into the limelight amidst a lot of chatter, to achieving a lot under the County First Lady's Office to the eventual stepping down from the position,” Ms Nganga said.

Next Level Music CEO Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa alias Rayvanny has been forced to clear the air on reports that he is planning to ditch the Diamond Platnumz’s owned record label - WCB Wasafi.

Speaking after landing a multi-million ambassadorial deal, Vanny Boy refuted the claims, with an affirmation that he is in WCB to stay.

He went on to state that he believes in partnerships and WCB Wasafi has been instrumental in shaping the person he is today.

“Wasafi ni watu ambao mimi nimefanya nao kazi mpaka nafika hapa nilipo leo. Wameplay part kubwa sana kwa Rayvanny, Mpaka mimi nafungua Next Level na kufanya vyote hivyo wapo wananisupport.

"Ikitokea Rayvanny anatoka Wasafi, inamaana kuwa atawaambia Wasafi kwamba anatoka. Hataambia Instagram wala watu wengine. Ukiskia neno grow, it means move from one place to another. Nilikuwa Rayvanny ambaye alikuwaa chini ya label tu, lakini sasa hivi ni CEO mwenye kampuni yake. Hii ina maana kuwa nimegrow kutoka point moja kwenda nyingine.

"Ikifika hatua nataka nifanye kazi mwenyewe, sio vita, mnakaa mnaongea. Lakini kwa sasa Wasafi ni familia yangu,” Rayvanny affirmed.

The singer went on to acknowledge that being under a record label is not always a smooth ride, but that doesn’t not mean that you stop working.

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen and comedian Dr Ofweneke have excited a section of netizens with how they have made co-parenting easy and smooth.

On Thursday, the two attended their daughter’s graduation together, with Nicah giving pointers of what makes their co-parenting work.

The singer said that it’s important for parents to put aside their ego, pride and bitterness and focus on the wellbeing of their kids, even after going their separate ways.

“Co-parenting ain’t hard if you let go of your ego, pride and bitterness. Put your child/children first and remember to them all they see is their dad and Mum and not whatever you are picturing in your mind.

To them their dad is their hero and so is their mom! Be bold enough to put your baby first. Dr. Ofweneke we have done well! Congratulations Debbie on your graduation we are super proud of you,” Nicah shared.

The Ushuhuda hit-maker also appreciated her partner DJ Slahver and Ofweneke’s wife Christine for being accommodative and understanding.

Celebrity fitness instructor Frankie Just GymIt has apparently reacted to his break up with lawyer and businesswoman Corazon Kwamboka.

In a post on his Instagram page, Frankie borrowed the words from a song called Everything Sucks by Vaultboy which he tagged to communicate what he was feeling at the time.

“Everything sucks, just kidding everything is great, no really. I haven't thought about my ex today. Oh wait, f*** I just did,” reads the lyrics of part of the song Frankie shared.

This is the first time the gym instructor referenced his recent breakup with Kwamboka.

Many of his followers sent messages of encouragement to heal from his break-up.

Corazon Kwamboka’s public announcement

The mother of two initially put up a post of a red rose with the caption, "I'm single. Life goes on," only to later delete it and instead posted a black rose with a more detailed caption which read: "I’m single. I choose me. Life goes on."

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