Sailors ex-member, Lexxy Yung accuses hospital of negligence after wife loses baby

Limuru Nursing Hospital has taken all that away- Lexxy

Sailors ex-member, Lexxy Yung accuses hospital of negligence after wife loses baby

Kenyan GengeTone artiste, Alexander Ikuro popularly known as Lexxy Yung has expressed his grief after losing his baby boy and first child in what he claims is negligence by the hospital.

The former Sailors member, whose wife Faith, had been expectant, was rushed to Limuru Nursing Home at night on 4th June as she neared labour.

However, Lexxy says he was sent home that night and when he came back that morning, was informed that his wife lost the baby after her water broke.

A nail straight to my heart and my wife's heart. So me and my wife have been so excited and happy and prepared for our 1st child and that day came on 4th of June and night ndio tulipata our labor pain na tukaenda hosi at limuru nursing hosiptal popularly known as Patel and my wife was admitted and l was told to go home l come the next day...So next day nikakam happy prepared and all but I was awaited by bad news wasee ..A nurse alipashua maji ya wife which am not sure inafaa kupashuliwa and in that event akadunga mtoi and my baby boy who has been health anacheza nikimuita wa taken away ivo Tu .....

Lexxy disclosed that his wife is still in hospital and that he will be seeking justice for the death of their baby.

Justice for my all am seeking coz they were so beautiful the mum was so excited alafu mtu ametoka night shift na madoz zake tu amemess na my future my happiness nikiona Faith ivi nilikuwa inanipea life and iyo kitu unasikia now l have to be a man, l have to provide for my son kumpea what l did have nikiwa mless but Limuru Nursing Hospital has taken all that away..”

In January 2021, Lexxy revealed that he had decided to quit with the group to pursue a solo music career in spreading the word of God.

Am sorry mabro for this. And it’s with many tears Bana. Tumekuwa pamoja have done a lot and achieve a lot mih l wish you all best in your journey. Mih nmeamua to take on gospel industry promise sitawainamisha ukoAnd promise to always have your backs GOSPEL ARTISTS HERE I COME…” he wrote.

Yung was one of the five members of the Sailors group, which rose to fame in 2018 with their popular hit Wamlambez.

The group comprised of Paul Koigi (Shankido), David Igogo (Gogos Juma), Dennis Njoroge (Masilver), Peter Mwangi (Miracle Baby) and Alexander Ikuro (Lexxy Yung).

The group won big at the Pulse Music Video Awards taking home the New Wave of the Year with the song Wainame, Best Group of the year with the song Pekejeng, Viewers Choice of the year with Wamlambez and Best Collaboration of the year with song Wakiritho which features rapper Octopizzo.


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