Samidoh: Why I married the woman who cheated on me

It inspired the song ‘Ndirĩ Mũtwe.

Samidoh Muchoki (Facebook)

Pulse Live Kenya

A few years ago, Samidoh released ‘Ndirĩ Mũtwe’, a song where he speaks about being in a toxic love situation.

In the song, he wonders if he is okay mentally because there is no way someone in their right mind would withstand all that he went through.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse Live, Samidoh disclosed that the song is based on a real situation in his life.

“I was trying to run away from that relationship but siezi. That’s why I said siezi compete na wewe na siezi kukuwacha so naona ni kama kichwa yangu haikuwa sawa. Najaribu kukuondekea lakini siwezi,” he explained.

Samidoh went on to reveal that he went on to marry the woman who cheated on him and inspired the hit single ‘Ndirĩ Mũtwe’.

The singer told Pulse Live that he married her because he loved her and he knew that she was the one he could build a home with despite their struggles.

“I married my first my love. Tulisumbuana lakini tukaona hakuna haja ya kutafuta so nikarudi,” Samidoh said before adding “I forgave her, I told her nĩ tũthiĩ twake mucĩĩ witũ (Let’s build our home)”.


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