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Samidoh is worth fighting for - Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu recently said she was open to have one last child although she did not reveal with who

Karen Nyamu and Sammidoh

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has said her baby daddy Samidoh Muchoki is worth fighting for.

The politician in a question and answer session on her Instagram made the statement after a curious fan asked whether she was in a tangle for the mugithi singer.

“Are you fighting for Samidoh,” the fan asked

“Not really but he's worth fighting for,” Nyamu responded.


The sentiment by Nyamu comes days after she silenced those meddling in her relationship with the Mugithi star.

The mother of three gave her response by sharing a video of a woman diving in a pool with a caption that read:

"Vile mnaingianga kwa relationship za wenyewe hapa kanairo, mungu anawaona. (This is how you poke your nose into other people’s relationships in Nairobi, God is seeing you.)


Blogs were excited over Samidoh’s ongoing tour and reported that the Mugithi maestro was allegedly accompanied by a US-based lady.

Speculations on the nature of Samidoh’s relationship with the lady in question who was also present at the musician’s surprise birthday party made headlines for many blogs.

Samidoh set the record straight in what seemed to be a response the claims noting:

"Haha. There will come a day utaambiwa uandike kitu hujaconfirm, uhepe mbio (There will come a day you will be told you write something you haven't confirmed and you will run away."


Nyamu has also hinted at having one last child to wrap up giving birth although she did not specify when exactly she would have the baby and with who.

“Having a baby in your home is one of life’s biggest blessings. I need one last one nifunge mchezo,” Nyamu wrote on her Instagram stories.

Karen Nyamu has two children with Samidoh. The two welcomed their second child in February 2022.


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