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Karen Nyamu scornfully fires back at a fan asking her to date fellow politicians

Nyamu has been on the trend the last couple of days over her relationship with singer Samidoh who is the US

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu

Nominated senator, Karen Nyamu, has no chills for those meddling in her personal affairs

Nyamu’s public love life has seen her become the talk of town and for some of her fans, all moments are meant to talk about her love affairs.

In a recent post, where the senator had posed with fellow lawmakers she turned off a follower who posed a comment that did not sit well with Nyamu forcing her to hit back at the followers.

The fan identified as Jaylo Njeri questioned why Nyamu was not pursuing fellow members of parliament and instead going for already married men with families.


“Why do you pursue men like this of your class and instead going to wreck another woman who is bringing up a family,” the fan said.

In response, Nyamu said being in parliament was not a qualification of being classy.

“Such mediocrity about class. Just because they are in parliament you assume they are more classy. We are in that family together and we will build it together. You continue pursuing your fictional class,” Nyamu fired back.


The senator and her baby daddy singer Samidoh Muchoki have in the past few weeks over their relationship.

Nyamu recently revealed she was not interested in marrying Samidoh despite having two children together. Nyamu further said she Samidoh kept her off his social media because she respects her wife.

“He's a gentleman and a very considerate man. He knows it will hurt the first lady (Edday). She deserves respect,” Nyamu said.


Samidoh has been on a tour in the United State for the past month.


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