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Simple Boy applauds 2 people behind his music success

Stevo Simple Boy praises his management team for the success and for believing in him when he almost gave up in the music industry.

Kibera-bred musician Stevo Simple Boy

Kenyan soft-spoken musician Stevo Simple Boy has taken to his social media and thanked people that stood with him when he started his musical journey.

According to the post that Simple Boy, shared on his social media pages, the musician says he had almost given up and they are the ones that helped him make a return to his music career and stood with him for four months.


Among those he recognized are Vaga Genius, who is the CEO of Men In Business (MIB) an art management and production label, and Gift Naima, a content creator, and business manager at the label.

"Tbt Siwezi nkasahau hii siku kwa Mara ya kwanza kupatana na watu wenye utu na bidii Sana meneja walioniamini kwa Mara ya kwanza Vaga Genius, Gift Nimana wakaniahidi kunirudisha kwenye gemu ya mziki kwa muda wa miezi minee,".

"I cannot forget for the first time I met people with humanity and believed in me, Vaga Genius and Gift Naima, and they promised to walk with me in music for four months,". Stevo wrote

He recognized that they had gone through a hard time fighting for the rights of his music, as well as his musical business saying he is where he is today because of them.

"Najua mumepitia magumu mumefanya kazi kwa kupigana vita za kimziki mume skia mengi kutoka inje mumepigwa vita mingi kimziki na kibiashara ila nilipo hapa Leo ni sababu yenu nyinyi na timu yenu mzima. Mungu awazidie awapee nguvu one love,"


"I know you have gone through a lot and have done much in fighting for the rights of my music business-wise and I am here I am because of the effort you have put in with your team. May God keep strengthening you," he added.

Before acquiring new management, Stevo was managed by Made in Kibera Management (MIK) but they parted ways after a public outcry that the company of misappropriating his money and mistreating him.

One of the highlights that came to the public limelight was when he won Ksh 500,000 from a deal he had with a betting company, which he said he never received a cent further making him ditch the management.


But things seem to have straightened up as Stevo Simple Boy is enjoying the ride after he changed his management, the Men In Business (MIB).

Meanwhile, Stevo share a creepy message in a post on October 4 which has left many hanging.


In the post he pays tribute to an unidentified person whom he says has supported his work even financially adding that everything that has a start has an ending and that he had resolved to agree with the decision made.

He adds that he is back to work and will be releasing something that will break records in the market.

"Umesapoti project zangu kwa Sana na hata kutumia mihela zako kwa kazi zangu na chochote kina mwanzo na mwisho nimekubali matokeo... Nimerudi kazini na Ivi karibuni Nina kitu kikubwa Sana itavunja rekodi kibiashara east Africa,"

"You have supported my projects even with your own money on my work and everything thathas a beginning has an ending, I have accepted the results. I am back to work on something big that will break the records in East Africa," wrote Stevo.

It is not clear what message the musician was passing and he has not yet come out to speak more on the matter but we wait to hear from him soon.


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