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Stevo Simple Boy did not make me famous - Pritty Vishy

I worked hard for it - Pritty Vishy

Stivo Simple Boy & ex-Pritty Vishy raise eyebrows as they are spotted together

Stevo Simple Boy's ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has rubbished claims that the Kibera-bred rapper made her famous.

Pritty, while responding to a fan who accused her of being ungrateful to Simple Boy, defended herself claiming that she is a star based on her prowess not because she was once associated with Stevo.

The fan stated: "Who told you you can be rude to Simple Boy? Yeye ata ndio alikupea (he is the one who brought you) fame you ungrateful kienyeji."

She responded: "I worked hard for it [expletive], the people who were close to me at that time can testify. Instead, the so-called msanii is the one who is ungrateful here."


Pritty Vishy had long been known for dating the Mihadarati hitmaker, but they broke up after three years.

Speaking about their public fallout, Stevo claimed that they ended the relationship because his ex-girlfriend wanted them to engage in pre-marital intercourse, which he did not agree with.


“Yes, Pritty Vishy left me because I declined to engage in premarital intercourse. She did not want to listen to me and said I was too saved so she left for another man. Intercourse should be engaged with by married people only not playing around with anyone,” Stevo stated at the time.

They have since occasionally traded accusations about their careers and the people in their lives.

Vishy also addressed a viral video of her ex-boyfriend allegedly proposing to his new girlfriend identified as Gee.

According to Vishy, the engagement party was poorly executed, making it hard for her to believe that her ex-boyfriend is officially off the market.


“Hiyo proposal haikuweza, let’s just be honest and I’m not like jealous or anything. How do you announce that you are going to propose? A proposal is always a surprise, but for this how come there were two crews (girls and boys) just chilling casually then someone comes and proposes? But sina ubaya,” Pritty Vishy said.

Ms Vishy also noted that she would gladly attend Simple Boy’s wedding if she gets invited.


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