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Tanasha Donna speaks out after being linked to late Omwenga & 'Wash Wash' deals

It had been alleged that the late Omwenga bought Tanasha Donna the Blue BMW

Tanasha Donna speaks Out on Wash Wash Deals

Singer Tanasha Donna Oketch has been forced to issue a statement, distancing herself from the late Kevin Omwenga and the ‘Wash Wash’ Club.

In an update seen by Pulse Live, Ms Donna termed reports linking her BMW to the late Kevin Omwenga as fabricated lies.

The Gere hit-maker made it clear that she works hard for her money, and people should stop fabricating stories for attention.

“I’m not one to address things but YO! All these false rumours be getting out of control. How does someone wake up one day and decide to fabricate a fake story just for a attention?


I work hard and very hard from my shit! Everything I own today I bought with my own hard earned money and sweat. Don’t involve my name in You all BS! Some of a you all are sickening. Sickening” said Tanasha Donna.

Ms Donna’s clarification come days after it was alleged that the car (BMW) she used to drive was bought by Omwenga who was later killed in Kilimani in what is believed to be a deal gone sour.

A lady had reported to Blogger Edgar Obare alleging that Omwenga bought Tanasha Donna her first car, a blue BMW whose logbook is in his name, something that Donna has now denied.


Ms Donna statement come hours after Media Personality Jalang’o also refuted claims linking him to the ‘Wash Wash’ Business.

“Wash Wash” is a term that refers to individuals who earn money through illegal activities and later use unscrupulous means to “clean” the money.

Over the weekend, Obare listed a number of names believed to be in Wash Wash Business, igniting an endless discussion on Twitter.

Jalang'o Speaks Out


On Monday, Kiss 100 presenter Jalang'o who was among those mentioned quashed the reports, stating that he has never been involved in ‘Wash Wash’.

Speaking on air with Kameme Goro, Jalang'o swore on his father's grave that he has never been involved in fraudulent deals or stole from anyone.

"For the past 10 to 15 years I've never seen what 7 oclock looks like unless I'm on holiday or its the weekend when I'm not working because I've always just known 4am as my wake up time and we come to Kiss and they pay us so well," the comedian started.


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