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Tedd Josiah celebrates late wife's birthday in heartwarming message

Remembering Regina

Fashion entrepreneur Tedd Josiah

Legendary music producer Tedd Josiah has penned a heart-warming message for his late wife who would have been celebrating her birthday today.

Through his social media pages, Tedd recounted his wife’s baby shower being the last time her friends saw her.

“Happy birthday in heaven. This was also your baby shower day and the day you last saw many of your friends. Sadly, time has a way of erasing people from our minds. But your dreams live on,” his post read in part.

He added that he is picking up the pieces and leaving God to take charge of everything.


“We continue to pick up the pieces and give them to the almighty because in His time He makes all things beautiful. Sing and rejoice! This is a new day. Keep resting in peace,” he wrote.

Josiah lost his wife Regina Katar in 2017 after being diagnosed with a rare illness after giving birth.

The veteran producer has also in the past spoken about how the death of his wife changed his life, noting he was forced to face the pain head-on.

“When we come face to face with death it changes who we are completely and the things we held dear become so irrelevant in your life’s goals. We are forced to come face to face with soul changing pain, mind shifting depression and character altering moments” he said.


The father of one recalls being mad at God for taking away a woman he had given all he could and chosen to settle down with.

“I recall sitting in my car alone with a three-month-old baby in a shawl wondering what is she going to eat? Why God would be so cruel to me when I’d totally changed my life settled down and become the best I could be for a woman I loved & gave her everything I had. I abused God, I got mad 😡 then I realised my whole life was changed from that moment on. I’d either crash and burn right there or have to pick up those pieces hand them to God and allow for him to have his way,” Tedd said in a previous post.


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