Media Personality Jacque Maribe has once again made it clear that that there is no possibility of getting back together with her baby daddy Eric Omondi.

In an Interview with True Love Magazine, Maribe mentioned that sometimes Omondi doesn’t believe that they will never be lovers again.

The former Citizen TV news anchor went on to state that she closed the Chapter of having a relationship with the funnyman long time ago, insisting that currently they are just focused on co-parenting.

Jacque Maribe with Comedian Eric Omondi.
Jacque Maribe with Comedian Eric Omondi.

Will you see yourself getting back with Eric? Asked Carole Mandi.

With a straight face Maribe replied;

"No, that ship sailed. We will keep the friendship, but he doesn’t believe it though, to be honest. A few days ago, he made a joke and said You are single and I’m single, we were meant to be single so that one day we will get back together, but I was like No. that ship sailed.

"I think I came to know another side of him and I keep telling him we kinder messed crossing the line because we were very good friends, from the beginning and I don’t know why we thought that maybe it could work. If we were able to collect ourselves again, I don’t think I will ever cross that line again".

Jacque Maribe, Eric Omondi and their son Zahari
Jacque Maribe, Eric Omondi and their son Zahari

Why we broke up

Asked on why her relationship with her baby daddy Eric Omondi ended, Maribe said that at that particular time they were not in a serious relationship.

“Sometimes I don’t know what is wrong with our men, it is something I wanted and he was not the space he was at that particular time.

We were both at very different places in out life’s, Eric is my friend and I don’t want to speak ill of him but we were not at a space where we were having a serious relationship. I think I had matured beyond his expectations. Now were are having his baby and he still want to have all the girls, the groupies… I think he still needed to explore and we agreed to go our separate ways but remain friends”.

During the interview Maribe also disclosed that she suffered two miscarriages before welcoming her son Zahari. She mentioned at that particular time she had a septate uterus that was triggering the miscarriages.

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