The artistes were not treated right- Willis Raburu on flopped Gengetone Festival

The Gengetone Festival went down at Machakos Peoples Park

Willis Raburu

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Citizen TV Presenter Willis Raburu revealed that artistes were mistreated at the Gengetone Festival that went down at Machakos Peoples Park over the weekend leading to its failure.

Raburu also made it clear that he was not the organizer of the said Festival, after a section of Netizens opted to attack him with allegations that he was the force behind the poorly organized event.

“Also issue clearly si watu ama turnout etc. Folks let’s talk about the real issues. Not just off some pictures picked from during the days pre-hype. The issue is the ARTISTS were not treated right! WE MUST FIX this going forward and that’s what I talk about on my latest IGTV!” weote Willis RAaburu.

In a video, the 10 over 10 host, said that he graced the Festival as an MC cum artiste but when things went south he opted to step back with his whole crew. He went ahead to state that promoters failed to pay artistes on time, something that forced them not to show up on stage.

“The Gengetone Festival was not my Event, if you look at the posters at the bottom, you will see the official sponsors of the event. Its wasn’t my event, I attended basically as an MC and Upcoming artiste.

…so I talked to artistes and most of them told me that they wanna perform but they haven’t been paid the half of what is left. So I told them if you have not been paid don’t step up on stage. So I told them if they perform yet they have not been paid then we will never break the circle of people being taken advantage if, more so Gengetone artistes" posed Willis Raburu.

Pay Artistes

Raburu also called out Promoters and event organizers to respect Kenyan artistes and the craft that puts food on their table.

“It is immoral for any organizer to have an event and not pay the artistes before they get on stage, it’s a craft, it’s their livelihood and what they depend on to put food on their table for their family… for you to mess up with someone’s livelihood is not cool. And Artistes will tell you organizers huwaruka sana,

A message, to Organizers don’t take artistes for granted and for the arties Keep speaking up, talk. Because as me when I saw the push and pull at the event and saw they are not gonna give people their worth I left with my crew.

Let this be beginning of the conversation, of artistes will not be taken for granted. I will continue to support Gengetone artistes, and artistes in general, I am a from believer that artistes should be paid their dues” said Raburu.

Willis Raburu's Video


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