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Thee Pluto and fiancé reveal baby's gender in beautiful baby shower [ Video]

Felicity could hide her tears upon discovering the gender of the baby she was expecting

Felicity Shiru and fiancé Thee Pluto during their baby shower

YouTuber and content creator Thee Pluto has gone a notch higher during his fiancé Felicity Shiru’s baby shower as he gifted her a car.

Thee Pluto did things differently during the colorful white-themed event held at his home which saw close friends attend and where the couple also revealed their child’s gender.

According to Thee Pluto, he opted to keep the baby shower open unlike what many celebrity couples do. He however said there were two surprises he had in store for his girlfriend.

“I didn’t want to have the baby shower as a surprise and leave out Felicity’s friends whom she would have wanted present so the only surprise I had for her was the gender which she had no idea about,” he told Eve Mungai who was also present.


The couple who are expecting a baby girl said the expectancy has brought them closer and has even brewed their love to be stronger and has been short of struggles like they are to experiencing.

“I was prepared to face challenges at this time because I heard pregnancy comes with its challenges such as mood swings and I expected that would be the case but it has been the opposite as our bond has grown stronger than we even thought,” Pluto noted.

Felicity who revealed she initially wanted a baby girl before she switched her mind to expecting a boy was overwhelmed by emotions which she attributed to excitement from the revelation.


“I even don’t know why I cried, but I was happy because the pressure I had of me knowing the gender was finally gone. At first, I wanted a girl, then I changed my mind and wanted a boy but it got to a point I left the issue and moved on,” she said.

Felicity thanked her fiancé whom she said took it entirely upon himself to organize the entire event right from the beginning to its conclusion noting she did not move even a finger during the planning of the event.

Thee Pluto and Felicity announced they were expecting their first child in late August after rumors got rife of her being expectant forcing her to let the cat out of the bag.


The couple revealed that they wanted the pregnancy kept under wraps because they wanted it to remain private but hawk-eyed fans noted she was expectant and Felicity pushed for the revelation.

“We needed some privacy because the initial plan was that we don’t announce she was not expectant but Felicity pushed for the announcing to the public,” Thee Pluto said.

He further said he did not want to have the public following up on their private affairs and sending their advice on how to run their relationship.


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